How to recover your Android mobile if you have forgotten the pattern or password

One of the worst things that can happen to us is that we forget the pattern, PIN or password that we need to access our Android phone. Luckily, we have possible solutions to this situation, so that we will have access to our phone again, with total normality. There are several options, although there is no system that is infallible, but there is always one that helps us in this process.

Here are the best ways we currently have available to be able to access our Android phone again in case we forget the pattern, password or PIN of the phone.

find my device

It is a system that we already know, because it is the one that we can use to find our lost or stolen Android phone and also to block it in case of theft. In this case, it will help us to be able to access it again when we forget the password of our Android phone. It gives us the possibility create a new password to access again to it and thus use it again.

First of all we must access the web, in this link. We enter with our account and there we must select the device that is blocked at the moment. The next thing we have to do is hit lock, and then it will allow us to set a new passwordthe one we want.

Next, we are going to be able to unlock this locked Android phone by entering this password that we just created. Once inside, we must select a new locking system from phone settings.

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Secondly, we have this other system, using a tool that we have available to recover passwords on Android. In this case, it will help us to regain access to our Android phone. Since among the passwords that we have stored in this tool, it can help us in this case, so that we will have access to the phone again. In yesterday’s tutorial we showed you the steps.

We enter this link, there we register in our Google account and then we have all the passwords that have been stored while we use Smart Lock, so it is possible that there is one that matches the one we have on our phone. So we’re going to have access to the phone again. Thus, once we are inside the device, we can change the password, and bet on other systems, or none, eliminating the SIM lock.


One method that can be used on some Android phones, especially older versions of the operating system, is to recover the password using Gmail. Entering the pattern incorrectly five times that allows you to unlock the phone, there is usually the possibility of recovering the password using Gmail. “Forgot your password” appears on the screen, on which we must press. It will ask us to enter our email then.

Thus, a code will be sent to our Gmail account, thanks to which we can unlock the phone. We enter the code that they have sent us on the phone and thus access it again. It is a simple option, which works quite well in general, although we have to have data or WiFi activated on the phone, otherwise it does not allow us to use it. If you’re using a not-so-new version of the operating system, you most likely have this option available.

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official support

Many brands of Android phones they usually offer official support for users who do not have access to their phone. So the user can use this option to regain access to the device. It is a system that usually works well in many cases, so it is always important to keep it in mind, because it can be of help to us.

Possibly the best known option is Samsung’s Find My Phone, a service that we can access at this link. If we have an official Samsung account linked to the phone, we will be able to access it and proceed to unlock the phone from it. So we’re going to have access to it again.

Samsung is not the only brand that supports it. Huawei also provides its users with a support page, which you can visit at this link. There we have the possibility to request the brand to unlock the phone. So then we will be able to change the access method to it. Most likely, the brand is going to ask us for some datato prove that we are the legitimate owners of the device.

Sony has another system, quite well known in this case, which is My Xperia, which we can access at this link. The idea is that when we have bought the phone, the brand has been informed that said model is ours, thus, when we register on this website, we can download a program for computer with which to unlock the phone.