How to have the exclusive sounds of the Google Pixel on any mobile with Android Pie

Google Sounds has been released a few days ago to the Google Play Store and we are going to teach you how to use its melodies and sounds on any mobile with Android Pie. An app that brings a wide variety of sounds that are distinguished by their quality and for being really special.

This new Google app It is exclusively for the Google Pixel, although thanks to its APK and a trick that we are going to show you today, you can have it on any mobile; as long as you have Android 9 Pie. We are going to do it so that you can use retro video game sounds as notifications on your mobile.

But what is Google Sounds?

Google Sounds is a new app from Google good similar to Wallpapers and that allows you to use the new sounds and melodies that the great G integrates. That is, if you have a Google Pixel, or as in this case a mobile with Android Pie, you can update the notifications and melodies with the new sounds that are implemented .

The only drawback is that if we try to download Google Sounds from the Google Play Store with our Android Pie mobile, we will find a great refusal from the great G app and video game store. an exclusive app for the Google Pixel; although thanks to us you will be able to try those cool and cool retro sounds.

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The requirements to be able to have Google Sounds on your mobile

These are the requirements required to have Google Sounds and be able to activate it on your mobile:

  • Android 9 Foot.
  • Download the Google Sounds APK that we will provide below.
  • an app «Activity Launcher» installed on mobile.

In other words, if you have a mobile recently updated to Android Pie you can benefit from the great quality of sounds of all kinds of Google Sounds. The only downside of this app when you install it is that you will need another app to “invoke” it. Go for it.

How to have the sounds and melodies of Google Sounds on your mobile with Pie

The first thing we need is an app like Activity Launcher. then we will use it to “invoke” Google Sounds and then we will create a direct link to be able to access the entire repertoire that we have of sounds and melodies of this Google app.

  • We are going to download google sounds first: Download the APK.
  • We install the APK like any other.
  • If we take a look at the app drawer we will see that it does not appear anywhere.
  • Although it is found from Settings> Apps> Sounds.
  • From there we will give storage permissions.
  • Now we are going to install Activity Launcher from the Google Play Store:
  • Installed this app. We start it and Click on “Recent Activities”.
  • From the menu we choose “All activities”.
  • we seek from the large list that is generated to «Sounds».
  • Click on “Sounds”.
  • Two options will appear. If we click on the new “Sounds”, it will run and we will open the Google app for the first time. But whate we are interested in is to create a direct access to access it whenever we want.
  • what we do is long press on “Sounds” and click on “Create a shortcut”.
  • We place it wherever we want and we can now access Google Sounds whenever we want.
Is it advisable to make our mobile safe?

Already we will have access whenever we want to Google Sounds, just like we can choose for WhatsApp, the system or any app all that variety of incredible sounds and melodies. The really cool ones are the retro ones, although the minimalist melodies and the reality bytes are our other favorites.

so now you know how to use the sounds of Google Sounds exclusive to the Google Pixel on any mobile with Android Pie. A version of Android that is reaching the most important terminals of the moment such as the PocoPhone F1, the OnePlus 5 and 5T, the Xiaomi M1 A1 or the Samsung Galaxy S9. An unavoidable appointment to personalize your terminal in a fabulous way.

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