How to have the double tap gesture on the back of your Android 11/iOS 14 mobile

You may not know what it is double tap gesture on the back of your phonea new feature of Android 11 and iOS 14 and that with two quick presses we can take a screenshot or endless actions on our mobile.

This new feature that came in Google’s new Android 11 gesture packand that allows us to access a new variety of actions such as launching the Google Assistant, starting the mobile camera or controlling media playback, is now available thanks to a developer from XDA Developers and his app called Tap Tap for any mobile .

How to have the two-touch gesture on the back of the mobile with Tap Tap

This XDA Developers developer has been able to bring this double tap function in the back mobile thanks to the second preview of Android 11 developers in which Google continued to improve this function. It even added the ability to take a screenshot or even open recent apps with that double tap.

Apple beat Google to the punch on releasing a “double tap on the rear” gesture, but soon a third-party app dev will also beat Google to the punch to releasing their own feature?

Shown in this video is a Pixel 4 running Android 10.

— Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) June 30, 2020

The problem is that those functions were hidden from Pixel users and finally in the following previous ones Google eliminated all rest of that double-tap press. This is where Kieron Quinn comes in to port them and bring them to the Tap Tap app.

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tap tap works on any ARMv8 chip device running Android 7.0 Nougat or higher. As you can see in the linked video from Quinn’s Twitter account, she can be seen launching the camera app by double tapping on the back of the phone.

If we give Tap Tap Access to Mobile Accessibility, you can perform different actions such as going to home, recent apps or even going back. It should be mentioned that Tap Tap uses Google’s Machine Learning models and that it trained to recognize double presses on the Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL; that is, it will work much better with devices with similar dimensions than these.

really the app uses the movements obtained from the gyroscope and accelerometer sensors to recognize when we press on the back of the mobile. That is where machine learning comes in to fine-tune the most sensitive changes with filters that allow us to know that we are really doing the double-click and it is not just any random movement of the mobile; you could roll a good…

Tap Tap for your Android mobile

These are the steps:

  • We download Tap Tap
  • We start the app and we must grant Accessibility permissions To make it work
  • Now we must choose Device Model in the Settings of the app
  • There are 3 models: Pixel 3XL, Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  • Later from Actions we can choose what happens when we do that double press on the back of the mobile
  • We can put a list of actions in case what was the first is not done and Tap Tap would use the next one
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One of the next news will include a Gates to Actions and that will allow the use of certain conditions depending on where we are on the phone, either at the beginning, in an app or in the notification panel. The app will take care of blocking these actions according to the context.

We have the «Gates» to be able to put some conditions in the released version and others that have been improving the number of actions that can be performed. Just as the app has been updated in versions 0.2 and 0.3 to integrate music controls or even Tasker.

An interesting option while we wait for Google decides to bring the double touch on the back to its Pixel and that surely some other brand will integrate to offer this experience; while you have Tap Tap; Don’t miss how to record iOS 14 camera events on your Android.