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How is the Ulefone Armor 3 on a daily basis?

How is the Ulefone Armor 3 on a daily basis?

Ulefone knows that users are becoming more demanding. Creating a very resistant mobile is no longer enough. Everyone needs a powerful smartphone and the firm wants to show us, in a video, how fast the Armor 3.

It is clear that the mobile is resistant. Here you can see how it survives being hit by a car but… is it also a good mobile for day to day?

Ulefone Armor 3, a fast mobile for apps and games

Don’t worry if you need a mobile that is fast with apps and games, this Ulefone Armor 3 does what it promises. What’s more, you will have no problem playing high-quality video, browsing the web, using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Spotify, etc.

You can also play at full speed in PUBG Mobile, PES 2018 and very demanding titles like the classic Arena of Valor, the closest thing to LoL for Android. You will have no problem with any type of application. This is a great peace of mind, because you will not need to have a second mobile for day to day.

Hardware up to what anyone may need

We already know that it is not the typical mobile for everyone, because it has a more aggressive design. However, this gives you a high resistance against falls and all kinds of damage. The mobile can survive in very extreme conditions.

In terms of performance and photographic quality, most users will be very happy with it, since there are no gaps in this section:

To all this we must add some details such as facial recognition, the fingerprint sensor, support for all 4G bands worldwide, NFC compatible with Google Pay, Android 8.1 Oreo with native interface. What more could you need?

Well yes, there is even a version with a Integrated Real Walkie Talkie, the Armor 3T. The latter can already be obtained, for a little more, through Indiegogo.