Hitman – beta experience

There are only a few weeks left until the premiere (scheduled for March 11) of Agent 47’s latest adventures. The creators, to further increase the interest of fans of stealth and the adventures of the bald hero, have released the beta of the upcoming production. What are my impressions, what did I like about it and what seems redundant? You will learn this from this text.

Hitman allows players to play the role of a paid assassin, a clone. He is never interested in why a person is a target. The figure is simple – the only point is that the payment for eliminating the problem should match. This is basically the same in every installment of the series and it’s good that in the beta the producers did not try to change the characteristics of the main character. It is meant to be a killing tool and not to show any emotion.

As mentioned before, the Hitman series belongs to the genre of stealth games. This does not change in this year’s part, actions a la Rambo are a very bad idea here, which will be gladly let us know by the opponents supported by well-fired bullets. It is very easy to die here, this is not a title in which you can allow yourself to be unfettered. You have to empathize with the role of a contract killer. The first thing that needs to be done after reaching the scene of the action is reconnaissance of the area and protection of the future victim. I first researched where the target might go, and what employees have access to specific areas. You have to know that disguises have always been a very important element of Hitman. Our Agent 47 very often puts on the clothes of certain social groups. Often, to get to your destination, you must first dress up as a service technician, and then, for example, as a policeman or a cook. We can get rid of the previous owner of our outfit in several ways. The most obvious one is stunning him – sneak up behind the figure, press the square, and 47 will knock the civilian unconscious. We can also press the triangle to twist the neck of the person held, however, this is not a good option for me. Once, because it is quite a loud activity and can bring meals to our heads, but also because I try to perform missions like a professional – kill only the target, and after thoroughly learning about the mission, perform it only in the default outfit in which we start order (unfortunately, in the beta it was golf, but I hope that in the full version you will be able to complete each task in a suit).

Review: Hitman GO: Final Edition

The strength of the Hitman brand has always been the openness of closed missions. It sounds contradictory, but I’ll explain what this concept is in a moment. Namely, we can get rid of orders in at least several ways. A simple headshot with a silencer pistol, killing a sniper rifle, pushing a delinquent against a railing and faking an accident, poisoning a drink, dropping a rescue boat, drowning in a toilet seat – it seems that the only limitation is the player’s imagination. Once again, the creators made the missions take place in a relatively small area, there are many methods of getting rid of the target, which affects the repeatability of the mission (similar to small challenges, such as getting rid of the contract item in a specific style). It doesn’t end with a homicide. There is only one goal, but the desire to discover and implement more and more methods of taking life draws you in and does not allow you to tear yourself away from the game.

With all this fun, it is impossible not to notice that I was playing beta. There were sporadic drops in the number of frames per second to about 20, so it was a spoilage of the reception of the product. Graphically, the title is uneven, there are textures intermingling, and the animations sometimes were a bit torn. However, taking into account the level of advancement of the code building and the time remaining until release, it can be hoped that these deficiencies will be fixed in a few patches released around Hitman’s release. Most importantly, the beta gave the feeling that the final product could be a quite successful adventure for the 47, the voice of the protagonist is still voiced by David Bateson, and the game is still a stealth game that requires thinking, combining and disguising. It is a pity that the instinct (activated by the R1 button) is too much easier – it works through walls, marking all enemies and independent people. Overall, though, I really like the beta, and I’m looking forward to March 11th.