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“Help me faint”, the new viral that floods the Internet

“Help me faint”, the new viral that floods the Internet

Virals are like fads, they last a couple of weeks or months and then disappear to be forgotten. The internet has a new king when it comes to viralsand we must say that it is one of the rarest that has been seen so far.

It consists of the publication of different versions of videos in which people dressed as dinosaurs dancing to a theme song very strange. Early versions showed us a computer-animated tyrannosaurus moving to the beat of “help, i faint, shut up old *******”.

Origin of “shut up old *******”

As you can see, the sentence itself is quite offensive, but this does not stop young people from using it to be fashionable. The story behind this meme has to do with a facebook game called “Jurassic Park Builder”.

What this game does is allow the user create your own virtual dinosaur park. Since it became popular, several players began to use captures with quite strange legends. Some of these legends were initially funny, but then quite offensive memes began to appear.

The most popular meme was created by “LuisDaniGH23”. This young man created a very strange dinosaur to which he put “Shut up old *******”. According to the young man, he said that phrase to his teacher in the middle of classalthough there are other theories that indicate that the origin of the meme comes from a boy who responded in that way to his aggressor.

A very childish viral

On other occasions we have been able to see how virals became popular among different ages. This does not seem to be the case, since those who have fun with this meme are teenagers. The same is often used, and a lot, on YouTube. On said platform there are a dozen videos in the “Trends” category that use this viral to get visits. Some of those videos reach 2 or 3 million views.

The good thing about this is that soon this meme will be forgotten. And what’s even better is that we don’t know what will go viral in the next few weeks.