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Google does not allow Android TV manufacturers to use Android forks

Google does not allow Android TV manufacturers to use Android forks

The television market is similar to what we can find in smartwatches. I explain. If we talk about operating systems for smartwatches we have Wear OS, Tizen and watchOS mainly. If we talk about televisions, we have Tizen, WebOS, Android TV, tvOS without forgetting the Android fork that Amazon uses in its set-top boxes.

When a company uses Google’s Android, it must meet a series of requirements such as do not fork Android on your device. By breaking this rule, manufacturers risk losing access to Google apps, including the Play Store.

This requirement is more than enough to don’t play with google, especially among manufacturers that do not have their own operating system. Losing access to the Play Store can be a headache for the company, as we are seeing with Huawei, whose sales will drop by 20% throughout this year compared to the previous year.

But it seems that Google also has an iron fist with TV manufacturers. According to an employee of a major manufacturer of televisions managed by Android, if they use a fork that is not the version that Google offers them, they would lose access to the Play Storeand therefore, to the set of Google applications.

When manufacturers reach an agreement with Google to license Android, this agreement includes both smartphone and televisionsa commitment that forces them not to use an Android fork at any time, since they would lose access to Google services on all their products, both smartphones and televisions.

LG and Samsung use an operating system that is not based on Android (WebOS and Tizen respectively). Sony and Xiaomi are some of the manufacturers that sell both smartphones and televisionsmanufacturers that could be affected by this agreement that you cannot breach at any time if you want to continue maintaining the Play Store.

This agreement, mandatory, has removed from the market the fork that we can find in Amazon set-top boxeslike the Fire TV, on the market, more than enough reason for the competition regulatory authorities to see more than enough reason to investigate and subsequently sanction Google.