Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Note 7 and Note 7 Edge: Rumors

We are already getting to know the first rumors from Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Note 7 and Note 7 Edge, and the truth is that they have no waste. Because Samsung fans are like that, the new terminal comes out and they already want to know everything about the next one to add it to the cart. For this reason, today we will tell you about some advances that we have known through a leak and that have no waste. We are talking about the Samsung flagships for 2017:

Through the MobiPicker guys we have been able to find out about this. Information about the future Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Edge, Note 7 and Note 7 Edge has been leaked, in addition to the Galaxy X. This confirms that we expect 5 flagships for 2017. Do you want more? Take a look at the following image, it has no waste because it speaks for itself:

Galaxy S8, Edge and Note 7 rumors for 2017

This leak reveals that the Galaxy S8 and Note 7 will have a Super AMOLED RGB display with impressive 2.5K resolution. We see it in the previous image and there is no waste of course. An information posted by Rec2020_Eight on Weibo.

What else do we know? As for the Galaxy X, the new Samsung terminal folding, we would have a screen of 4K resolution with Diamond Pentile. It is clear that Samsung’s flexible smartphone is getting closer, so the user can fold the phone in half without anything happening.

So we already know the resolution of the new ships for next year, it seems that the South Korean is focusing on the resolution of the screens, which promise to be better. However, this is all a rumor and finally it could be something else, but it is undoubtedly good data for everyone, this leak could be said to be reliable. Can’t wait to enjoy the new Samsung terminals right now! If nothing changes at MWC 2017 the Galaxy S8, S8 Edge and X would come out. The Note for summer.

What do you expect from the new Samsung Galaxy of 2017? Without a doubt they look very good, we will keep you informed of everything new that is coming.