Fortnite will reward its users for the problems of the last days

As you know, since the inclusion of Fortnite update 3.5, many have been the problems that have been plaguing the game. Across all platforms, players have been unable to access the game for long hours to later be able to access and find crowded servers and inadequate service. They have also decided to postpone the return of the 50 vs 50 mode until next week, which has annoyed more than one.

Therefore, from Epic Games have wanted to apologize directly to all users And what better way to do it than with some exquisite rewards.

Epic Games will give rewards to its players for the problems of the last days

Epic games will offer all Fortnite players rewards for a limited time. For mode Battle royale a Back Bling (backpacking accessory for this season 3) while for the mode Save the world a troll stash llama. Both gifts can be purchased from the store in their respective way.

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Additionally, Battle Royale players will also receive a bundle of Battle Stars to get the battle pass and get rewards. Save the World Players will receive extra gold. This content unlike the one mentioned before it will arrive together with the maintenance they will do for next week and in which they will also take advantage to add the 50 vs 50 mode.

One thing is clear: despite the problems they sometimes have with servers, Epic Games shows that it cares about its users with actions like these or rewards like those included for being a Twitch Prime member. They are certainly on the right track for the game to continue to be a hit for a long time.

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What do you think of these rewards? Have they made up for the hours you have been unable to play?

We read you in the comments!