Fortnite will also have figures created by McFarlane Toys

Fever Fortnite keeps growing, and the Epic Games game is not only becoming one of the most played titles of 2018, but it is, without a doubt, one of the most mediatic video games of recent years. Such is its repercussion, that other companies want to “get in the car” and take advantage of its high popularity. As we told you a few days ago, the well-known company Funko, is developing various POP and figures with the theme of Fortnite, and it seems that it is not the only company that is going to manufacture merchandising of the popular game.

McFarlane Toys, the popular American toy company, will also create figures based on Fortnite

In these times, no one can doubt that, any type of commercial product that is related to Fortnite, can have a certain success, due to the high demand that the game has, and of course, its high numbers of players, and let alone, income. It is evident that a large number of players spend money on Fortnite to support the game of Epic Games, so launching a line of toys and figures linked to the title, it seems to be a safe bet.

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In just over three months, we will have the Christmas campaign and it is not surprising that these companies are rushing to develop these types of products related to the popular game.

In this sense, everything indicates that the Fortnite product line of McFarlane Toys Fortnite will arrive in the fall. The figures will have an approximate size of 7 inches tall (an industry standard), and the company will also produce complementary accessories.

For the moment, we do not know which skins will have a physical figure, but the company has promised that its stock will be quite high, due to the expected demand. In this sense, We also do not know if these McFarlante Toys figures will arrive in Spain. Considering the worldwide success, it would be strange not to see them in all the stores for Christmas but you never know. We will have to wait and see what happens.

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What do you think of the fact of creating Fortnite figures? Would you like to have one in your collection?