Fortnite Season 4 is here and these are all its news

After many rumors, secrets, easter eggs, meteorites, and news, we can finally say that the Fortnite SEASON 4 is between us. The comet has finally landed on the huge island of the way Battle royale of the game of Epic Games, And with it, many new features have come to inaugurate this fourth season of the popular game. Without further ado, we will see all the changes.

Season 4 of Fortnite arrives with new skins, dances, and changes in the wide map of the game.

As we have commented, the famous kite that has been flying over the Fortnite map for a few weeks has finally collided with the earth, and in its wake it has left many news and changes in scenery.

To start with, you have to know that these collisions have caused many locations have been transformed. In this way, the most significant change has been reflected in Dusty Tinderbox, where there is no longer any of those 3 significant hangars. Instead, we can see a huge crater surrounded by a large number of purple stones, and a large recon area with some buildings.

There are also smaller craters that have fallen in different parts of the map, such as those that we can see near Junk Junction, Pleasant Park, the jail of Leaky Pond, near «The Karts Track» north of Leaky Pond.

In addition to all this, a new location has also been added to the northeast of the map named Engaged Reels, where is the cinema that we can see in the Cinematic of presentation of Season 4 of Fortnite. We leave you with the map with all the changes:

The purple stones of meteorites

These stones give players a limited time of some weightlessness, thanks to which, we will have the skill of jump higher and further away for a few seconds. Obviously, this ability is short-lived, and after a few seconds the effect ends.

✔Go to the Crater and catch the Gravity Stones that you can fly for a short period of time✔

– Fortnite Info (@FortniteEsp_) May 1, 2018

The new Fortnite skins: Superheroes and Urban Style

Since a few days ago there was speculation about the possibility that superheroes would come to Fortnite hand in hand with meteorites and so it has been. Now, thanks to the Battle Pass, players can enjoy new skins, which will be marked by a style based on superheroes.

But this is not all, because graffiti now takes on a lot of prominence in Fortnite, and with it some skins that we can enjoy as we level up, all of them based on a much more style urban and carefree. We leave you with a gallery of all the new skins offered by the Battle Pass Season 4 by Fortnite

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What do you think of all the new Fortnite changes with this Season 4? Did you like them or did you expect something more?