Fortnite Season 10: These are all the changes that have reached the map

The Fortnite Season 10 is already with us. We have already told you all the news that have come to the game and we have also shown you all the skins and cosmetics that we can use in this new season. Now it is time to show you the changes that the Fortnite map has undergone, which although they have not been especially momentous, there are some very curious news.

Fortnite Season 10: This is how the Battle Royale map has remained

As many of you will already know, the story arc on which this Season 10 revolves has been that of «go back in time»To previous seasons of the game. In the trailer for this new season, we have been able to see certain locations that disappeared from the map in their day and have returned to Fortnite Battle Royale. First, let’s take a look at the map in general

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The Return of Dusty Tinderbox

It all started with the destruction of Dusty magazine. Since then, the Fortnite map has undergone numerous transformations up to the present day. After several seasons, the classic game location has returned and players will be able to kill each other again inside these three classic industrial buildings.

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Booty Raft

Balsa Botín has been a meeting point for Fortnite players for months. After the events of the cube and the sphere, we can now visit Balsa Botín in a very peculiar way. Now, we can jump into a kind of crack that has formed inside, to access various areas of the stage. In these areas, gameplay is also affected, for example, with areas without gravity, or areas where you cannot build … So great care!

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The skeleton of the monster

The area where the monster’s skeleton lies who died in the last Fortnite event it has appeared full of trees and flowers. It is not a momentous change, but it does visually give it another aspect.

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The meteor trapped in time

One of the most important changes that we have seen in the Fortnite scenario in this Season 10 has been the inclusion of the famous meteor that destroyed much of the map, including Tilted Floors, in suspension. It’s like I’m trapped in time. The good news is that the players they can investigate its interior and find chests in it, that yes with a gravity lower than normal. The meteorite is located southwest of Dusty Powder Keg.

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The nearby Dusty Powder Maker factories are back

Dusty Tinderbox had in its surroundings a factories area that also disappeared. After the arrival of Season 10, they have reappeared, therefore we will have another location to be able to register during our Fortnite games.

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‘The block’ appears with a futuristic aesthetic

The block is one of the latest additions that came to Fortnite several months ago. Its appearance has also been modified and now it has a much more futuristic aesthetic. We leave you with an image for you to see:

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Other minor changes

In addition to all the changes already mentioned, they have been found various modifications in specific areas of the map. They do not suppose anything transcendental nor are they important. They are simply cosmetic changes. We leave you with the images so you can see all the modifications:

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What do you think of all the changes in Fortnite Season 10 on the map? Were you expecting a bigger change in the famous Battle Royale setting? Leave us a comment with your opinion!