Fortnite: Epic Games adds fuel to the fire of meteor theories

Fortnite it left the condition of mere video game a long time ago, we are talking about a whole boom. The fury that is causing Epic games It seems to have no end and this is just another to increase it.

Epic Games fuels fan conspiracy theories by designing some parts of the mapping

The theories they keep trying to guess the purpose of the meteorite and the remains of it that we can see in the sky. Pisos Picados is still intact and our theories only grow. It seems that Epic games he is aware of our theories and, for one reason another, has decided to feed them. They have done? We have the proof in the latest update.

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Fans of the post-apocalyptic endings and meteorites will be able to continue speculating thanks to the images that we show you below. We see stages full of banners, armchairs, refrigerators, telescopes … Everything is designed in such a way that it looks like they are waiting for the meteor to arrive or whatever is coming. Some people claim that it is not a meteorite, but some kind of alien ship.



Epic Games is up to something very big and seems to enjoy increasing fan conspiracies

These details only add spice to the matter. Can you imagine that it was nothing? That the meteorite passed by? That it was not a meteorite? After all the mess they’ve put together, we don’t think it’s anything. Something will be, that’s for sure. We can only hope.

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What do you think of it? Have you already seen these places? What do you think it will be? Tell us in comments.