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Fort Defense – review

Fort Defense – review

Has the game managed to defend itself?

Fort Defense is a work of 8Floor studio, belonging to the tower defense genre. The assumptions of the game are very simple – the player’s base is attacked by waves of enemy units and you have to defend yourself against them.
It is no different in the case of Vita production. The creators do not deviate from the scheme and do not try to add something that would destroy the quickly creeping feeling of weariness. At the beginning of each map (there are 20 of them), the player has about 15 seconds to place their weapons on special platforms. After a certain amount of time has elapsed, the attacking units affect the map. Stop them from reaching their destination – if they fail 25 times, the mission will fail. As you can see, the very core of the gameplay is not very complicated, but what serves to fulfill the provisions of the game?

Weapons come to the fore, including crossbows, cannons and guns. Each of these buildings can be developed for coins earned for defeated opponents. The currency is also used to improve the placed weapons and to erect special buildings – a very useful “mint” that produces coins from time to time. There is also at least one special place on each map. First, you need to unlock them by spending a certain number of barrels on it (you get them for completing the mission), and then you can build a building or a weapon. However, it is not profitable – the space bought in this way has no advantage over the others, and it is better to allocate the barrels for something else.

A much better investment is to permanently develop “spells” and weapons. For the right number of barrels, you can buy cheaper crossbows, stronger cannons, increased firing range, shorter spell cooldown times and much more. These improvements are a big plus of Fort Defense and the choice of an element to develop can make you think about what will be more useful in an individual way of fighting.

The aforementioned spells are special abilities that must regenerate after being used. These boosters include, for example, a meteor shower (a spot marked with a finger on the board), rocks sunk in water, or an iceberg (slowing down enemy units). Spells can significantly tip the tide of victory and very quickly using them becomes a key element leading to victory.

Fort Defense looks very neat and modest. Although at first glance the binding may be attractive, its shortcomings are soon noticed. The backgrounds are static and there aren’t many animations in the game (the ones related to shooting and sinking are very basic). Additionally, the sound system does not seem to exist. While defending a port, a looped soundtrack plays, which soon becomes unnoticeable. The sounds of units and weapons are no better – these are also correct and quickly forgotten.

Is it worth buying Fort Defense? Unfortunately not, the game is at the level of simple browser applications. The price (PLN 19) may seem low, but unfortunately it is still too much for what the British are offering. About PLN 10 would be an acceptable amount, although it would not cover the above-mentioned production defects, frequent drop of frames and the lack of even a rudimentary plot.

Thanks to the 8Floor company for submitting the game for review