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Find out what are the 5 best games to install on your new mobile

Find out what are the 5 best games to install on your new mobile

At Androidphoria we know that today is a very special date, many are launching new mobiles and are testing it to the fullest. Don’t be left behind, sit back and enjoy the 5 best games to install on your new mobile.

Battle Royale, Racing, Sport, Fighting, MOBA or First Person Shooter are just some of the game categories. But don’t worry, today we come to offer you the best of the best.

These are the 5 best games for your new mobile

brawl stars

It would be complete madness not to start these recommendations without the fashion game. Brawl Stars is an action game in which you will be part of a team with two more allies. You will have multiple game modes: survival, collect gems or against robots.

Build your strategy, choose the character you like the most and start having fun with the new Supercell game.

PUBG Mobile

With over 200 million players, PUBG Mobile just received the best android game award granted by PlayStore. This Battle Royale type game is here to stay.

Explore the map, discover the best weapons and start eliminating enemies. Remember, the last survivor wins the game.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are a fan of cars, you have come to the right place. Asphalt 9: Legends is the best car game that you will find in the Play Store. Complete all the challenges and go unlocking the different types of cars and game modes.

Upgrade your car and be the fastest on the track.

FIFA Soccer

This game has no introduction. If you are a football fan you will know that this is the best option. Play FIFA with your favorite teams and compete online against other players. Show why you are the crack of your friends and have fun.

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the best choice if you are looking for a fighting game with good graphics and an easy way to play. Create and personify your character and start playing now. Unlock weapons and armor as you progress through the game and be the best.

These were the best games you can download for your new phone. Try them and if you liked them or have any recommendations, leave them in the comments. For now we tell you 15 gold tips that will help you win in Brawl Stars.

And if you have already started playing PUBG Mobile, click here to find out which are the best guns in the game.