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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: An Android game based on the original story

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition: An Android game based on the original story

Without a doubt, the Final Fanatasy XV games for Android have not been as everyone expects and as they should be, a lot of controversy has arisen since Square Enix announced that it would release a game with the title of the original game Why? This game was a scam since it had nothing to do with the original, however, this time they say that the new proposal will be available by the end of the year and will be based on the original story.

As we have told you, the arrival of Final Fantasy XV a few months ago was a disappointment for all users who love the story of the original game, the game that they had released with the title did not do justice to what it really is and Many people called it “typical mediocre strategy game” in which they only added characters from Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV for Android will be based on the original game

This year during Gamescon Square Enix wanted to solve the problem by launching new titles under the name of Final Fantasy XV, a version for PC and an edition for mobile devices, whether Android or iOS. What will the Android version be called? It’s called Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition and stands out for being a much more faithful game to the original title but with some differences, we hope that this time the company does not disappoint us.

What will this mobile version bring? This mobile version it will have reduced graphics because it will be adapted for the power of mid-range smartphones current and therefore, the graphics will be ideal for these processors. They have also had to adapt game controls and combat system for touch buttons, that means that it is still an inferior experience to the original game, but that does not mean that it will be bad or less enjoyable.

Something important that we must emphasize is that the history of the game will not be cut and that is that Everything indicates that the story of the mobile version will be very similar to the complete one of the original game. On the other hand, something that we did not like was the following, did you know that they will be distributed in 10 paid chapters? the first will be free and then you will have to pay a micropayment for each chapter.

That said, we believe that many people will not be able to play it and it will not be very accessible. In addition, the other details of the game we do not know yet and we await an official statement from the company. What do you think?