Epic Games introduces update V9.10 in Fortnite

Epic Games updates Fortnite for one more week, adding one considerable amount of content and fixing bugs that have been submitted so far. The update before us is the V9.10 and introduces a new element that changes the mechanics of the first steps during the games. If you want to know what it is about and know the rest of the additions, keep reading!

Battle Royale welcomes the arrival of the «Hot Zones»

The Battle Royale mode receives this week one of the most important additions in recent times: The Hot Zones. We could already see these areas in Apex Legends and they are about randomly chosen locations and that they will contain better equipment. That is: The area will feature a better loot rate thanks to deliveries of additional supplies.

The shadow pumps have seen their availability and quantity reduced, he semi-automatic marksman rifle returns to the camera (returns to the game) and has improved performance affected by some changes made during the V9.00 update. Finally, the limited-time game mode arrives Fortnite x Jordan, which also includes its own missions, skins and aesthetic elements. We will tell you what the missions are along with the weekly challenges, tomorrow.

Creative Mode and Save the World

The event also comes to creative mode Fortnite x Jordan, which includes all the aesthetic elements and movements. To contrast, the Lomas Lúgubres theme. A basketball game in the clear moonlight and in a cemetery is never bad.

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The highlight of this update is the lots of new prefabs and galleries:

  • Haunted Tomb of Lomas Lúgubres
  • Dingy Ruins of Lomas Lúgubres
  • Lomas Lúgubres abandoned house
  • Cerroscuro de Lomas Lúgubres House
  • Pirate Fort, Tomato Temple
  • Lomas Lúgubres Gallery
  • Of elements of Lomas Lúgubres
  • Lomas Lúgubres Nature Gallery
  • Of elements of Tomato Temple
  • Catacomb Floor Gallery
  • More indestructible wall variants
  • Indestructible floor tiles
  • Indestructible volcanic rocks
  • Indestructible floating platform
  • Indestructible Neo Tilted Basketball Hoop

On the other hand, the mode Save the world receive the Space rocks, which are part of the new War Games simulation. The hero also arrives Jonesy rex, which grants the Saurian Strength perk.

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These are all the additions to the V9.10 Fortnite update! What do you think of the new additions and changes? Which one do you like the most? Tell us in comments.