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EasyAcc PowerBank PB6400MT2 review, a 6400 mAh pocket charger

EasyAcc PowerBank PB6400MT2 review, a 6400 mAh pocket charger

The power bank we are talking about today, theEasyAcc PB6400MT2stands out from the others that we have proposed to you in recent months for its compact size which make it ideal for carrying in a pocket or ***** pack without giving up one source of energy enough to fully recharge most smartphones on the market.

There length of the product is 98 mm while width and thickness they are respectively 42 and 22 mm.
The weight is roughly equivalent to that of a latest generation smartphone, approx 143 grams.

From an aesthetic point of view, the EasyAcc PB6400MT2 is presented in refined manner and elegantthanks above all to the curved lines and the aluminium alloy light blue metallic (mazarine blue) that is also well appreciated to the touch.

At the top we find one USB port capable of providing a maximum current of 2.4Amore than adequate then for recharge at the maximum speed possible most smartphones, tablets and various USB devices on the market.

The smaller door is instead the 2A microusb input which allows you to recharge the powerbank once its charge is exhausted.
You can safely use your phone’s charger for this operation. Using one capable of reaching the expected 2A i charging times they run around three and a half hours.

The state of charge is indicated by 5 leds.

Finally on the body of the accessory we also find a on / off buttonwhich, however, you will hardly use as the EasyAcc comes into action or deactivates automatically as soon as a device is connected or removed).

As already mentioned, EasyAcc has a capacity of 6400 mAhwith energy efficiency equal to about 70% (in line with the products in this category).
In practical terms this means that you will be able to guarantee a Galaxy S4 a full and an additional charge up to 70%, while a Notes 4 in addition to full recharge and another up to 35%.

In the packaging you will find a small microusb cable and a manual, however, without the Italian language (but fortunately given the simplicity of the product you will not need it at all).

EasyAcc’s 6400mAh PowerBank is currently available for purchase on Amazon.co.uk at a price of around € 17.

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