Duolingo launches language clubs to make learning a competition

Duolingo had not passed through these lines for a long time and we would almost have to apologize for not bringing one of the best ways to learn a language today. The way Duolingo teaches is playing as if you were facing an RPG game in which you are getting points. But this is one of its qualities, since there are so many others that it possesses.

If chat bots debuted on Duolingo in October to help you learn a language, today the company has launched a new feature called «Language Clubs» or «Language Clubs», so that you can group together with your friends and other users to get fully involved in some really fun competitions.

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If you are used to duel you With your friends through fitness or fitness apps like Endomondo, you can more or less get a close idea of ​​what Duolingo offers with its language club competitions.

In both the iOS and Android app, the company offers users the option of participate in a group where you will see a news feed or timeline showing what the list members have achieved.

There is also a weekly leader board Also, in order to have an even greater challenge when we know that a friend or classmate has surpassed us that week. And returning to what has been said, we are with this novelty again before another way of understanding what learning a language is.

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Language Clubs are available right now in 20 different languages In order to encourage you to start the year with more desire to make English easier for you or to note better ways to pronounce French. A free app that you have from the Google Play Store.