Download Telegram 3.3 with supergroups and more news

Last night we got a new update of Telegram version 3.3 with changes around the groups. Specifically we will have 3 major changes, so if you haven’t updated Telegram yet, it’s time for you to look for a Wi-Fi network and download the latest. Do you know that now you will be able to have supergroups of up to 1000 people on Telegram? You can now download Telegram 3.3. with supergroups! If you don’t believe it, we see it below.

Telegram Update: News

The list of news that we find in this new update of Telegram 3.3 They are the following, that as soon as we see in the following image we can get an idea of ​​where the shots go, without a doubt they have been successful in everything:

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Download Telegram 3.3 with supergroups and more news

  • Supergroups: In Telegram we can have groups of up to 200 people, but if it does not reach us now we have the option of the “supergroup”, with the possibility of making larger groups of up to 1000 people. You need to have the latest version of Telegram to access a supergroup.
  • Administrators: the guys from Telegram have just added the functionality of “administrators”, in order for more users to put order in larger groups. It is something that many users missed and that was needed, with this update several people will be able to be administrators of a group. Only administrators can add / remove people to the group, in addition to changing the group name and photo.
  • New channel menu– Swap channels faster than ever with the new Telegram menu. You just have to press the resend button.
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These news are great and incredible, because we can have larger groups and better managed by several users. Two functionalities that complement each other The sea of ​​good, and that without a doubt they will suit us wonderfully to enjoy more of Telegram, the great rival of WhatsApp.

A bigger courier service

It is clear that what Telegram allows is incredible, and ideal for large companies. Everyone can communicate in a group and add as many people as they want to manage it. There will be practically no limits, because finally we can have larger groups and with all the security that Telegram has underneath.

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If you want to download Telegram 3.3 with supergroups you can already do it. We leave you below the links to download Telegram on Google Play or by APK, so you can enjoy them and get the latest version.

Amazing what these guys have done with the groups!

What do you think of the new Telegram? Do you dare to hit him a download?

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