Download Pokémon Comaster for Android (APK)

This year is being the year of Pokémon games for Android, the truth is that in the arena we have a lot of titles but this time we will talk about Pokémon Comaster for Android, a somewhat different game which we have mentioned on occasion. It is already possible download the APK of Pokémon Comaster for Android But before doing so, keep reading, you may find out about many more things.

In addition to Pokémon Comaster, a lot of news about the future Pokémon Go is being released and we have also taught you how to download Pokémon Online (the official Pokémon card game), the title that has been on the market for a few months and which the majority are playing. users while They wait for these new deliveries to come out for Android and iOS translated to a language somewhat more familiar to the masses.

Pokémon Comaster: How to download the APK and play on Android?

The new Pokémon game is now available in Japan and is not Pokémon Go. In Comaster you will have to simulate the battle with Pokémon figures Although there is a great component of chance in this title and strategy is vital, since each figure has attributes that will allow you to defend yourself from the opponent.

Pokémon Comaster is a totally free game (based on free to play) where players will have to make purchases of diamonds within the application to get better figures and objects. The figures will be able to level up as in other Pokémon games and the attacks will be decided on a roulette wheel. There are very rare figures in the game, you can find Charizard, Venusaur, Dialga or even Palkia on rare occasions.

Pokémon Comaster has already officially released in Japan for Android and will soon be released for iOS as well. At the moment we do not have an official release date for the rest of the planet but we have already told you that you can currently play with the Japanese title, it is only necessary to download the APK that you can get below, yes, it is in Japanese. I am attaching a video of the user who has uploaded the APK and some instructions on how to play, they will help you if you do not defend yourself a lot with the language.

Download | Pokémon Comaster APK for Android