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Destiny got tons of new stuff!

Destiny got tons of new stuff!

The work from Bungie, much anticipated by many players, tempts us with new screens and trailers … and with a new version of its website.

At the beginning, let’s take a trailer presenting the character classes that will be available in the final version of the game. You will find in them about 30 seconds of fun that they will offer us accordingly Titan, Hunter and Warlock.

In addition, the official website of the upcoming blockbuster has undergone a significant facelift, and here you will find its effects.

On the spot, we learn a bit about the location called Venus – when it was discovered, the planet became a paradise, but today it is only a monument to what the universe lost. Old tales tell of an Academy dedicated to development and invention built on the shores of a magnificent sea. At one point, the water destroyed it all, washing away whatever civilization had left behind.

For dessert, after reading the history of one of the planets, you can sit down to watch as many as 25 screenshots from Destiny.