Death Stranding online features will not require PlayStation Plus

Oddly enough, Death Stranding is finished and ready for release. Hideo Kojima and his studio have announced the gold status of the video game. This means that the box of the video game is being elaborated and we have already seen the first detail that has caught our attention: Death Stranding’s online functions will not be limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers. That is to say: All users with an internet connection will be able to enjoy the online functions of Death Stranding.

All the news presented in the State of Play of PlayStation

Death Stranding for everyone!

The PlayStation Plus subscription system offers certain advantages to subscribed users of PlayStation 4. The service has different monthly payment plans and most multiplayer video games require this subscription to play with other users. However, Death Stranding will not require this service for the online features it will offer. So far we have seen two well-marked online features: Information and scoring points, and items that other players leave / lose along the way.

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We will not see PVP or PVE cooperation, but the online functions are based on basic mechanics of the video game. This decision is based on the premise that online functions, the connections are one of the bases of the video game. Which means that Death Stranding “wouldn’t work” in the same way if not all users could access these features online.

We remind you that the PlayStation Plus system offers its subscribers different video games per month for free. In the State of Play on September 24, the video games for the month of October were announced, which are: The Last of Us Remastered and The Show 19.

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Death Stranding will be released on November 8, 2019 exclusively for PlayStation 4. What do you think of this decision for Death Stranding? Do you think this will help more people keep playing? Tell us in comments.