Boxing Star is just brutal – fight to become the world boxing champion

When one falls into the boxing gloves of Boxing Star just one word pops into his mind: brutal.. In Boxing Star you will fight to become the world boxing champion through a game that simply raises the quality of gaming in general on Android.

Few are the qualifiers that we can say about Boxing Star and few screenshots that will honor to what you will feel with this boxing game, which reminds us of those instant arcade games like Street Fighter 2, due to its huge fonts and those sound effects, and the rhythmic animations of each one of the boxers with whom you will meet and leave the skin; without forgetting the rest of the well caricatured characters and illustrator. The king of boxing comes to Android.

Brutal everything from Boxing Star

You try games every day and stay with those that leave a very good taste in your mouth. When you yourself play with someone like Boxing Star, you just forgets that there is life and begins his journey through a game that knows how to strike a chord with a gamer very well.

If he achieves this, it is due to a wise combination of elements in everything he contributes since we started the game in Boxing Star. Throws you right into the action with a quick tutorial in which you see spectacular blows being thrown with very well-executed animations, well-created characters with their own well-caricatured style and sound effects that make you feel the smell of canvas in the ring.

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So now you go straight to enjoy Boxing Star and its entertainment offer that will take you to fight from the street until you become the champion of the boxing world. And yes, apart from that fast-paced action in the fights, there is a whole story aspect that will take you through numerous characters in the purest style of Rocky, the Hollywood movie.

An ode to the arcade

Boxing Star is a success, especially in the visual aspect that is capable of filming an entirean action movie on your mobile screen that you will direct yourself. You only have to watch a few of the screenshots to show the right, left or hooks you will land on your opponent, and those moments when you can avoid yours to return a harder and stronger one.

The blows will be made with soft blows on the screen and gestures that are simply practical when drawing the same line of the hook what are you going to give Here they have worked it out so that we intuitively know what to do every time we see our opponent turn too much. Another positive point in this regard so that the combat is perfect.

And it is that FourThirtyThree has not left anything in the pipeline either, since you will be able to customize your boxer, train him, improve his equipment and fulfill his wishes more mundane like having your buga. In this video game studio, the creators of Boxing Star haven’t forgotten anything, and the only thing it achieves is that we become more addicted to a fabled game.

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As well you can play with other players, so it also has a very interesting multiplayer component to satisfy our fighting instincts. Like the hip hop style soundtrack, it is more than fair to provide this game with a real and different entertainment and leisure experience from your mobile.

Demand resources from your mobile

boxing star will ask the most of your mobile device, since we are talking about an arcade combat simulator that has very good graphics and that proposes combats in which you can almost smell the opponent’s sweat. That is to say, it elevates the graphic style to a console, which entails an extra in the consumption of resources of your mobile.

Boxing Star is a game that can hardly be blamed for anything, although tested on a Samsung Galaxy S9, it sometimes lags on menu screens. Something insignificant, since it will occur for a few seconds. As well we would like the training sessions to be more participatorysince you will only activate some sessions to be done automatically in X minutes.

Otherwise, a game of ten in all aspectsWhether it’s its visual style, gorgeous 3D, outstanding animations, characters with their own life and amazing sound effects plus that perfect soundtrack. Nor do we forget that typography and those menus that are perfect so that we do not stop playing until we go up levels.

We are before a brutal game for Android with Boxing Star that encourages you to continue playing it and that more updates with more content arrive. This is how more games should be released and continue “freaking out” with new titles that bring us the maximum of joy. A game made for gamers.

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  • Huge in all respects
  • Its animations, visual effects, sound…
  • the story mode


  • Laguea sometimes in the menu

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