Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation – review

Open world, side quests, character dress up, multiplayer – sounds like a dream

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is a unique game – it is the only production in the series about Assassins in which the main character is a representative of the fair ***. I am talking about Aveline de Grandpré, of course. The character’s story is bizarre and seems very unreliable. Aveline was born the child of a slave and wealthy French. At one point, she ends up at the slave market, where she loses her mother (by chasing … chickens) and is found by her future mentor – Agaté.
Unfortunately, the story presented in the only Vita Assassin is very poorly drawn. The themes of the heroes’ actions are often vague and unjustified, which hurts a lot, especially considering how the plot is run in the “big” games in the series. The lack of a proper history of the Assassin is also a pain – players know that an event happened in her life, but Ubisoft did not provide the right mix of events. As a result, you often feel more like a lump of loosely connected threads than a coherent story.

Aveline has three types of outfits that she can wear. The first is the noblewoman’s outfit – a character dressed in such a way can charm enemies to get into guarded places or rob them, but the cost of such actions is also important – the dress disables the possibility of running and jumping on roofs, an iconic behavior for the Assassin’s Creed series. The heroine can still fight – she has an umbrella (which is used to shoot arrows), hidden blades and smoke bombs – however, the effectiveness of coping in clashes cannot be compared to that of the other versions of the costumes.

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You can also dress up as a slave – here the range of possibilities is much wider. The heroine can perform socially recognizable actions – that is, climb, travel with the use of roofs, join groups of working people (to escape the guards), and fight. In the case of the last “person”, assassins, players are given a full arsenal of weapons (accessed by tapping the weapon icon with a finger) … and this is the biggest difference between a slave and a warrior. You get the impression that the division into 3 character classes is unnecessary and it would only be enough to introduce two different ones.

Regardless of the chosen character, it is worth paying attention to the level of recognition. Fighting enemies, killing passers-by, thefts – all this makes the indicator change its color – at first yellow, then red. The last color makes the opponents want to attack the player’s character as soon as they notice it. This can be prevented by reducing your visibility. This is done by tearing off posters or bribing the right people.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is a game with an open world, so you could not miss the opportunity to interact with the environment. Aveline can buy and shop in stores. Unfortunately, that’s all it comes down to in dealing with objects in the game world. Money earned on missions, money gained from fallen opponents and money found in chests can also be spent at smugglers, but they do not make much difference in terms of assortment compared to stores.

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There are a large number of missions in the game. There are, of course, side missions, commissioned by the NPCs you meet, but they mainly consist in killing a specific character in the right way. And here is a big discrepancy – the purpose of the order is very simply explained, just like in the main plot missions. Any task can be boiled down to “they are doing something suspicious, I don’t know what, but just in case, kill them.” This is a huge drawback to the production and, like the very artificially guided plot, the title quickly becomes boring and you do not want to come back to it.

The visual side, on the other hand, looks pretty good. The views in the games from the Assassin’s Creed series have always been able to please the eyes, and it is no different this time. New Orleans, Louisiana or New York look very good and make you want to just run and see the world. Character models are decently made, although textures are often of a slightly lower quality than they should be – games such as Uncharted or Killzone have set the production standard for Vita and, unfortunately, Ubisoft’s work does not always meet these requirements. This does not mean that Liberation is ugly. It is only underdeveloped in places.

Lovers of gathering and character customization should be pleased; the creators put many collectables in the production. These include brooches, alligator eggs and mushrooms (which I think are a pointless piece), money chests, Assassin moments, journal pages, and more. You can also customize the appearance of the heroine – in special places you can choose a different color variant of the outfit she is wearing. People who want to get 100% in the game will have to spend a lot of time with it. Players who value additional goals while completing their quests will certainly be pleased, as almost every Aveline mission has several optional requirements. Their fulfillment is not required to complete the mission, but allows you to use a different approach when completing a given fragment.

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When describing Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, one cannot forget about the fight. This was done well and is in no way inferior to the big games in the series. After entering the automatic combat mode, the assassin can attack with quick blows (combining them in combinations), smoothly move from one opponent to another, counter blows, avoid them, or use opponents as living shields. The weapons that are used to deal with attackers are also satisfactory – there are knives, machetes, hidden blades, a whip (also used to strangle enemies and cover longer distances), swords, pistols, arrows – there is a lot to choose from and this variety speaks in favor of title.

However, there are also very significant disadvantages, which include excessive use of the touch elements of the console. In the case of casual, casual gameplay, there are no objections, but the problem appears when reading the letters you find. The envelope opens very nicely – sliding your fingers along the front and rear touch screens. The problem appears when reading the note – then you should point the console towards the light source. Unfortunately, the light is often not properly detected, so you have to work a lot to let the game go further. Touch is unnecessarily implemented also when steering the boat in some stages – then you feel more frustrated than the pleasure that comes from the game.

While the aforementioned disadvantages can be explained in some way, the multiplayer mode is a complete misunderstanding. It stands on the level of a simple browser or Facebook game. The player chooses units to fight his opponents, sends them out, watches a short animation, wins, waits for the possibility to attack again and does it again. There are no positive emotions in it, the “clashes” are weary and frustrating. The multi mode is the worst I’ve seen in any game and it doesn’t really exist.

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In summary, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is a very unequal production. On the one hand, there are decent animations, good visual and audio side, and a lot to do. On the other hand, there is a culpably created multiplayer mode, monotonous and boring gameplay and a poorly written and conducted story. Therefore, I recommend this production only to fanatics (not fans) of the AC series. Others may be unpleasantly disappointed.