Andy Rubin finally returns to Essential

Almost two weeks ago, news broke that caught many of us by surprise. Andy Rubin left Essential for personal reasons, as we told you back in the day. The decision of the founder of the company was surprising. In addition, it put the company in a somewhat more compromised position, since its Essential Phone is one of the biggest flops of the year.

Although, it seems that this situation of instability has not lasted too long. because it seems that Andy Rubin will return to the company he founded after leaving Google. What happened to make you decide to return to the company?

Despite the announcement of his resignation, Andy Rubin has been seen going in and out of the Playground Global offices on several occasions, another of his companies, of which he is CEO. In addition, the offices of this company are located in the same place as the offices of Essential. So he has not stayed very far from the company at this time.

The march of Andy Rubin from Essential occurred because an alleged relationship he had with an employee in his department while working at Google. Something that the company does not allow due to its internal policies. Although, Rubin’s lawyers have always rejected the idea that he was breaking the rules.

For that reason made the decision to leave the company. Although it seems that this march has been brief, because just two weeks later he is back and ready to go back to work. It seems that for promote the development of the new Essential Phone. A new model with which to overcome the failure of the first edition.

The new model is expected to hit the market throughout 2018. Although it is likely that these problems with Andy Rubin have delayed the company’s plans a bit. We look forward to hearing more about your future plans in the coming weeks.