Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max: These are the advantages

Amazon has made a big splash with the Fire TV Stick. This has been refined and expanded over the years. The latest achievement is called Fire TV Stick 4K Max and we explain the features.

Maximum Performance? The new top of the line Fire TV Sticks have some new capabilities.

This is what the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max offers

In terms of appearance, setup and operation, the Max model is no different from its relatives.

  • Compared to the well-known Fire TV Stick 4K, however, the Max variant delivers around 40 percent more performance.
  • This enables new features such as live video with picture-in-picture display.
  • Faster transfer rates are also possible thanks to Wi-Fi 6.
  • The audio return channel is also new: With this, the sound from TV and Co. can be played back on an Echo device.

The Max Stick is thus an improvement on the previous 4K top model in the Stick series. With an RRP of 64.99 euros, it is also correspondingly more expensive. Whether the purchase is worthwhile depends on whether the additional features are of interest to you.