Amazon announces new Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show 10

Amazon has wanted to update all its Echo products with up to four new devices, all of them designed to get great performance out of the home. The line makes an important generational leap and one of the products that has attracted a lot of attention is the Echo Show 10.

As the company eventually decides to renew its smart speakers, as if that were not enough, the aforementioned Echo Show 10 comes with a built-in tablet. The new Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Dot with clock and Echo Show 10 want to enter homes as much more functional devices and all thanks to Alexa.

Amazon Echo 2020

The first of them is the new Echo 2020, very similar to the previous Echo and Echo Plus but abandoned the design, now chooses a rather attractive spherical shape. The top features a grid, while the bottom is designed in plastic and has a ring at the bottom with a bright LED light.

The new 2020 Echo has an improved speaker system, includes a 3-inch woofer, with two tweeters and Dolby audio processing is not lacking. Echo 2020 will detect the acoustics of the space and automatically tune the audio to the volume you need, but adjustable by voice commands.

Echo 2020 arrives with support for Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy and Amazon Sidewalkwe will connect everything to our device intelligently and without the need for a standard connection. Echo 2020 arrives with the AZ1 Neural Edge processor for machine learning and Alexa voice recognition is much faster.

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Amazon EchoDot 2020

Amazon Echo Dot 2020 has up to three different versions, in this case the design is identical to that of the Echo Show 2020 with a sphere, in this case a little smaller. Inside, add high-quality 1.6-inch speakers and unbeatable sound with extensive voice recognition by Alexa.

also exists a version of Echo Dot 2020 that arrives with an LED screen to show the time, temperature, timers and alarms to wake us up. The grille shows almost the entire surface, the LED at the bottom will be the same as the one displayed by the Echo 2020.

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon wanted to remember the little ones with the launch of Echo Dot Kids Edition, which will come in two different versions called Tiger (Tiger) and Panda. The functions will arrive adapted for children, in which to set alarms with animal sounds.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition also allows them to help with homework, call family and friends, among more than 10 added functions. Echo Dot Kids Edition will feature a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids that includes audiobooks, interactive games, and educational skills.

Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a 2-year warranty, Alexa will allow us to create a profile for one of the children of the house when it detects the voice of the smallest of the house. The design has been careful and the voice recognition LED is still maintained at the bottom.

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Amazon EchoShow 10

The latest is Echo Show 10, a smart device which has a unique rotating screen that will automatically turn towards you when you speak to it. Track movements, keep the panel directly to you in video calls, looking for recipes and when you watch videos on different platforms.

The screen is 10.1 inches and it has a set of triple speakers that will be placed on the body that rotates up to 360º with an intelligent motor. The Echo Show 10 device comes with a 13-megapixel camera on the front to detect movement and will move the screen to look in your direction.

Once you say a command, the screen will turn to the person who spoke to Alexa, recognizing the most useful commands from the popular female voice. Amazon Echo 10 will have support for Netflix and Zoom in late 2020having already included support for other services such as Spotify, Hulu, Apple Music, Prime Video and Music.

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Availability and price

Amazon Echo 2020 will arrive on October 22 for a price of 99.99 euros, Amazon Echo Dot without clock will cost about 59.99 euros, arriving on October 22, Amazon Echo Dot with clock goes up to 69.99 euros and Amazon Echo 10 will cost 249.99 euros with date still to be determined in Spain.