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3 applications to prepare the best New Year’s Eve party

3 applications to prepare the best New Year’s Eve party

The end of the year parties are one of the best moments of the year. A time to share with family and with your loved ones. That is why today we will give you some help so that you can prepare the best party to say goodbye to this year. How? With the best 3 apps to prepare a great New Year’s Eve party.

Plzcome Party Planner

Every important event must have a good organization and the end of the year parties cannot be the exception. With this app you can keep track of the guest list, the amount of drinks and meals needed. It will also help you remember what you need so you don’t miss any details.

This application will make it much easier for you to invite all your loved ones to your New Year’s Eve party. since it will allow you create and share invitations online via email or text messages. you can receive notifications when people accept your invitation. This way you will know who to count on for your celebration.

Download this app from Google Play Store through the following link.

Singing Karaoke

Music is essential for any celebration and nothing better than adding karaoke to your party. This app is perfect so you can have fun singing with your friends and family. So all together they can share singing the most recent musical successes, the classics of always and even the most traditional Christmas carols.

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This app collects music and videos from Youtube to have at your disposal thousands of songs of all genres. It also has an amazing search function that will make the song you want to listen to appear as soon as you press the button. The lyrics of the songs will appear on the screen so you can sing like a professional.

Download Singing Karaoke from the following link. And enjoy the best New Year’s Eve party.


With Elfster the famous slips of paper for gift exchanges will be a thing of the past. This application will allow you to play the “secret friend” in a modern way. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to give as a gift. And it is that all game participants can be integrated into the application. So everyone can suggest their list of gifts through links, photos and even barcodes.

Definitely a great option You can also use it to get family gifts. So don’t wait any longer and click on the link below to download this app.

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