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You can now download the official HBO app for Android TV (including the APK)

You can now download the official HBO app for Android TV (including the APK)

After a wait of almost two years, HBO finally got its act together, because today launched the long-awaited HBO app for Android TV. From now on, those who have a device with Android TV 7.0 or higher will be able to install the app for free and in a matter of minutes.

It should be remembered that this was something that had been requested for quite some time, since users, in order to be able to watch HBO on TV or on a device with Android TV they had to use the mobile. This allowed them to send content on the screen using a Chromecast in between. Now, with the official application of HBO for AndroidTV, you should no longer depend on the mobile. By simply using the TV remote control you can navigate through the menu offered by the application.

HBO can finally be used with the remote

At first glance it can be seen that the interface of the app is very well done. It does not lead to getting lost in complicated menus or anything like that. What stands out in it is the very clear differentiation between the chapters to be viewed and the entire season, which are separated by means of small boxes.

Similarly, access is granted to the content that is being incorporated into the platform through the “News” category. The same goes for recommendations or even content that has already been viewed. In short, it has been possible to make a pleasant interface and very simple to use.

Player at the height of what was expected

As far as content reproduction is concerned, the HBO app for Android TV does not disappoint. And it is that every detail has been taken care of so that the player does not clash with the interface. You can configure the language and subtitles just like on mobile.

The app is expected to receive updates over the next few months, as some necessary functions that are found in other applications and that should not be missing in HBO are still missing. You will find it on Google Play, or by clicking here.

If, on the other hand, you need the APK, here it is. This time 100% official and virus free, unmodified. The APK itself that comes from HBO and that works without problems with HBO Spain.