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How to install Android Pie beta on OnePlus 6?

How to install Android Pie beta on OnePlus 6?

After announcing that OnePlus would be in the Android Pie beta program, the update was soon released. Android 9 beta for OnePlus 6. Any user with a OnePlus 6 can try the latest version of Android and here we will show you how to install it.

It’s really easy to get hold of the Android Pie beta on the OnePlus 6. All the instructions are on its website, but we’d like to summarize, step by step, how to update from the stable version of your smartphone. It is like an OTA update, which does not erase any settings or data.

Download the OnePlus beta on your device

First of all you will have to download the Android Pie beta on your device. Click here and download the file directly from your phone. You can do it on your PC and then transfer it to it, but it is easier to start the download from the device itself and you will save having to send it.

Move the installation to the root of your smartphone

Once this is done, manually move the download to the root of the storage of your OnePlus 6. Just use OnePlus File Explorer to remove the file from the downloads folder and leave it in the root of the device.

Apply local update

Once this is done, you will have to apply the update from your phone since it is an OTA. No storage will be cleared and no settings will be touched, just like any update via OTA.

Reboot and enjoy Android 9 Pie on your OnePlus 6

Once the process is complete you will have the update on your device. You will have to restart your OnePlus 6 and voila, you will already be enjoying Android 9 Pie with the beta from OxygenOS.

Remember that Android Pie has many improvements in OxygenOS. Despite being a beta, its operation is very good and it is very close in terms of features to the final version for all OnePlus compatible with Android P. The best, without a doubt, are the new navigation gestures, although OnePlus allows you to use the option that you like the most