Han Solo: A Star Wars Story – Blu-ray Release Review

Han Solo flew the Millennium Falcon onto physical carriers.


I like Star Wars. I really like. In the 21st century, adventure cinema is made on a grand scale or not at all. After blocking such projects as “National Treasury” for the heroic Marvel cinema, overnight I was losing hope for a film full of adventures made of flesh and blood. Fortunately, there is Lucasfilm and their Star Wars universe. While the latest split-part production, Rogue One, was more of a combat-focused film, Han Solo takes us into a world full of criminals, friendship and humor that will put a smile on your face.

Before Han became a recognizable person in the galaxy, he was just a young, lost boy, all he wanted to do was get out of Corelia – in short, the interstellar futuristic “Venice” where there is not much to do. Han and the chosen one of his heart – Qi’Ra – decide to run away, but not everything goes as planned. Solo goes to the Imperial army and meets Chewbacca, from then on becoming an inseparable screen couple. The title young man wants to do everything to give his life meaning and regain his former love.

There was a lot of sensation around this part of Star Wars. It started with problems with the director, and as a consequence Ron Howard, responsible for such movie classics as “A Beautiful Mind” or “Apollo 13”, sat on a stool. This fact alone made me very happy, because I appreciate Howard’s work, his films often have something that keeps you from taking your eyes off the screen. Subsequently, scandals followed about the alleged terrible game by Alden Ehrenreich and the need for Lucasfilm to hire teachers who would be able to extract as much talent and work from the actor as possible. The film itself verified everything. Both Alden and Ron did a great job. The film is extremely pleasant, which allows for frequent revisions. He is burdened with great situational humor, which does not exhaust itself despite repeated sessions.

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Let’s start by discussing the cast. Ehrenreich does not imitate Ford, on the contrary, he created his own interpretation of the character, taking over only some of Harrison’s “tics”, which is incredibly charming and natural to watch. After the trailers, it seemed to me that the boy would be numb and simply would not cope with the task set before him, but from this point I beat my chest and admit my mistake. Emilia Clarke, known primarily from the series “Game of Thrones”, with her smile illuminates the darkest scene, while having a very good on-screen chemistry with the title role actor. Paul Bettany plays the villain and it is also very good for him, but from this actor you can always expect a well-done job. My biggest problem is with Donald Glover, who is recreating Lando. I see this boy once, in various types of productions, and each time I have the impression that he is acting himself, not necessarily using a good acting fan. As the rest of the cast empathize with the character, Donald walks in and the screen shows him, not the character he is playing. However, after evaluating the community, I can see that I am rather alone in this perception. However, I cannot fail to mention the well-played heroine of L3, Calrissian’s companion. Phoebe Waller-Bridge, parading around a movie set in a green suit that was then digitally turned into a robot, is something you can’t forget. One of the best droids presented to us in the series – very well written, smart, with a specific gait and sharp tongue.

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It is also worth paying attention to the various locations that were prepared for the film. We start in the planet Korelia, embedded in water. It’s hard to see anything in it through the clouds of smoke coming out of numerous shipyards. We are pleased to see Han behind the wheel of a vehicle other than a ship, and the chase sequence is one of the most effective moments of the film. In a similar vein, we move to a bar on Ypso where robot fights take place. The smoke and poor lighting make everything feel very cozy. There will also be snow locations, really shot outdoors, and the landscapes themselves are breathtaking. Again, the creators tried to make as many models as possible – starting from the entire Millennium Falcon, ending with a spinning spinning train.

Dubbing in this part is a real masterpiece. All characters have very well-chosen voices, the script itself is composed for the Polish viewer, and you can simply squirm with laughter on L3 lines. Such work should be an example for others, that it is possible to make good cinematic dubbing in our country, and I hope that from production to production we will strive to the level presented by Han Solo.

What can I tell you. I really liked this painting and will be happy to go back to it. The lightness for which Ron Howard is famous causes the two hours spent in front of the TV screen to pass like a whip. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that Han Solo: Star Wars Stories is a film completely different from “Rogue 1” or “The Force Awakens” and “The Last Jedi”. Of course, you will find here breathtaking frames, exciting actions and lots of galactic flavors, but it is done from a completely different side – the old 80’s and 90’s styled side.

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On the front, standard graphics of the film, logo, names of the main actors and a huge red strip informing about the medium, unfortunately. The side looks very modest – at the very bottom we find a rectangle with Han Solo, above the logo of the film and the Lucasfilm studio. On the back, however, you can see the figures of the characters against the background of the Millennium Falcon and a frame from the film on board the ship. Quite a lot of space was allocated to a quote from Wirtualna Polska. Of course, you will also find the distributor description and release specification here. The box contains 3 discs – one with the Blu-ray version, the other with Blu-ray 3D and add-ons. Each carrier has a different graphic design and is signed, so there is no problem finding the one that interests us.

The add-ons are placed on a completely separate disc, which is why this release includes as many as three discs. Nearly two hours of films that will expand our knowledge about production with interesting facts and very useful information. Star Wars got us used to a job well done in this aspect. Even if you don’t like the feature film itself, you will surely appreciate what the creators have prepared for you.

  • Han Solo: Movie Team Meeting – 00:21:44 – A very nice twenty-minute conversation between the actors and the crew creating the film. Everyone is sitting at the round table and just talking about Han Solo. A bit about Alden’s casting, how much the scene in the mud was filmed and other interesting things related to the shooting of Han Solo.
  • Kasdan and Kasdan – 00:07:50 – Two generations – father and son in the process of creating the script for the film.
  • Millennium Falcon – 00:05:36 – We are moving into the past of Star Wars, so the appearance of the Falcon must also be different. Everything about building a mock-up and decorating a plan.
  • Escape from Korelia – 00:09:59 – The first major movie sequence with a young Han Solo at the wheel in “futuristic Venice”.
  • Train robbery – 00:14:30 – The robbery of a train in a snowy location after this material will no longer be a mystery to us. Models, special effects, spectacular landscapes and physical work on the set.
  • Chewie – 00:06:41 – Chewie and Han account, from the very beginning. Where did the roar come from, what kind of mud was used in the cognition scene and other curiosities.
  • How to become an L3-37 droid – 00:05:06 – A short material about the best character of the film – L3. A funny, smart and lovable robot and its beginnings, and a relationship with Lando.
  • Welcome to Fort Ypso – 00:08:02 – Scenography and costumes for the most important place in production – a bar.
  • Whirlpool: The route to Kessel – 00:08:28 – How was the scene of the Falcon trip to Kessel filmed? Exciting material, it is worth checking how much work has been put into this sequence.
  • Unused scenes – 00:15:13 – Over 15 minutes of deleted scenes, very good scenes.
    • The underground world of Proxima
    • Chase on Korella
    • Han Solo: The Imperial Cadet
    • Battle of Mimban: Extended Edition
    • Han vs. Chewie: The Enhanced Version
    • snowball battle
    • Dryden: Extended version
    • Coaxium
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  • Movie duration: 135 minutes
  • Sound: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1: English; DD Plus 7.1: German; DD 5.1: Polish dubbing
  • Image: 2: 39: 1 (wide), 1080p High Definition
  • Subtitles: PolishEnglish, German
  • License: retail movie without a license to rent
  • Distributor: Galapagos

The video was provided for review by Galapagos.