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3 Best YouTube Android Tricks You Should Know

3 Best YouTube Android Tricks You Should Know

YouTube is a platform that users use daily to watch music videos, trivia and tutorials. Definitely it is a fundamental application on our mobile but we do not always get the most out of it. Today we are going to give you the 3 best tricks you should know to do them on your Android device. And if you use the app constantly, they will help you have a better experience when you go to feed on visual content.

The activation of the dark mode, incognito mode and even making a Gifs, are tricks that many YouTube users are unaware of. Therefore, they are the ones we have decided to explain today, since they will significantly improve the interface and the way of navigating on the platform.

3 YouTube tricks for Android

Next we will introduce you 3 YouTube tricks that will change your browsing mode, interface and you can even make Gifs of your favorite videos.

Activate dark mode

Dark mode was officially integrated very recently and is one of the most popular features that YouTube has. The new tool allows the user to have the interface dark to reduce the impact of glare on the eyes. In addition, the videos can be better appreciated on the screen and it is very easy to activate. To do so, we just have to do the following steps:

It should be noted that we already had it activated, but there is no problem in the switch to activate and deactivate it.

We can make a GIF from a video

You’ve probably always wanted to create a GIF from a YouTube video but don’t know how to do it. The truth is that it is something very simple, since you can do it with your own phone using the browser.

incognito mode

The incognito mode feature is very easy to activate but hardly anyone takes it into account. In case you weren’t aware, YouTube gives us the possibility to browse incognito and is similar to the one offered by Google Chrome.

Anything we do in the app while in this mode will not be recorded in the history. In fact, YouTube informs us that all data will be deleted when you finish using the mode.

The 3 tricks exposed today are for you to take advantage of the YouTube application from your Android. Which of all do you use?