YouTube will have chat very soon

We are that we do not believe it… because if we believed that YouTube had it all we forget a very important detail: a chat on youtube. It is true that we have always remembered comments, which are often very controversial and one of the keys to entering YouTube, but what is clear is that this chat that would reach YouTube would allow us to talk to other users outside of the videos. more comfortably and in real time, like any other chat.

East chat would be integrated into the YouTube app for Android. And for now, it would be in the testing phase available to some users. We would still have to wait for it to reach everyone, but it is almost certain that we will soon have it on YouTube, a chat to talk about videos in real time and make friends and enemies, that’s for sure.

YouTube add a chat

The guys from YouTube are planning to add a chat to their popular service. We have been able to know this through the guys from Wired, who have not told all this. As we see in the following image, a «chat» which would lead us to the above, a chat with our friends.

What would the chat allow us? Talk with friends, send other videos… and there is also talk that even Photos. The operation would be like any other chat, but this time on YouTube. An increasingly social YouTube? With comments you don’t really need to have a chat, but it always feels good to have something in real time to say what we think, it’s sure to be a success.

It would arrive next month (hopefully)

We are concerned to what extent we will experience excessive data consumption from the mobile, because it is real-time information from many users at the same time, but surely they know how to get the most out of it so that the performance of the app is not lower. What we know by way of rumour, is that would arrive next month to everyone, but it is not confirmed either.

Ready for this YouTube chat? If until now we have wasted hours and hours, we must be careful because it seems to me that this chat will be very addictive, especially on controversial topics. But if you like YouTube you can not miss this viral in which a girl has gone bald.