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YouTube on PlayStation 4 announced!

YouTube on PlayStation 4 announced!

The application will be fully integrated with the SHARE button.

As you may have heard at the PlayStation press conference, the YouTube team is working hard to give us a fully functional YouTube app for PlayStation 4. You can find and play your favorite music videos, game videos or watch live broadcasts. Today we know that YouTube will be available on PS4 this Fall!

The app makes sharing your game progress on YouTube a piece of cake. The app is to be officially one of the social options offered by pressing the Share button on the DualShock 4. After pressing the Share button, we will see a YouTube icon right next to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and Ustream. You can go from gaming to publishing your videos to your own YouTube channel in just a few steps. You’ll also be able to see your YouTube friends’ videos through the What’s New Channel.

In addition to the integrated function with the SHARE button, we will be able to run the YouTube application on PS4 (just like on PS3), where we will gain access to our favorite channels and movies.