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Today I bring you a video post that I am sure the little ones in the house are going to love, and in addition to being able to have their own virtual football sticker album to collect the cards of the great legends of this mass sport, it will be completely free for us daddies.

If you have children at home and they are crazy about the fashion of the football stickers of the league, in my case in particular the Panini stickers and you are spending a good amount of money on football stickers that later when the fashion ends they end up being thrown away by any drawer in the house, the application that I am going to recommend today is going to come in handy, and in addition to making the kids happy with the football cards of the great football legends, these are going to be able to collect on your Android Tablets or Smartpones without having to pay a single Euro.

To begin with, let me tell you that the application I am talking about is a application created with all the enthusiasm in the world by a developer of Spanish origin.

An application that we can find directly in the Google Play Store for free although with in-app purchases and integrated ads Although the latter are very easy to handle and don’t usually bother too much, the application has very, very restrained advertising.

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The application in question is called Football Heroes Collection and then I leave a direct link for the download and free installation of it:

Download Football Heroes Collection for free from the Google Play Store

Everything that the Football Heroes Collection offers us, or what is the same, our collection of free soccer cards for Android

To begin, tell them that although the application has the in-app purchase option, These purchases are not necessary to complete the collection of soccer cards of these legends of the noble sport that have enchanted us for decades. The only function of in-app purchases is to get card envelopes faster than we are allowed from the free option of the app.

  • The collection consists of 279 stickers spread over 31 pages of a virtual album to which we have unlimited access as many times as we want throughout the day to look at our collection of soccer cards and the cards that we need to finish it.
  • Every four hours we will have access to an envelope which we will open virtually and totally free.
  • Each of the envelopes have 9 trading cards of football legends of all time.
  • The cards that are repeated can be exchanged completely free of charge for a new envelope of soccer cardsalthough for this we will have to have the same number of cards that come in the envelopes of the collection, so until we have groups of nine cards we will not be able to exchange them for new card envelopes.
  • In turn, when we have a group of nine cards to exchange for a new card envelope, we will also have to wait four hours to be able to exchange the next nine cards that we have repeated for a new card envelope.
  • The in-app purchases are to buy new envelopes of stickers before four hours, so we have that by paying 1.19 euros we will forever reduce the opening of new envelopes from four hours to two hours, or by paying 2.39 euros we will reduce the time of new opening of envelopes just one hour forever.
  • The application also has the option to remove ads forever for just 1.19 Euros, or the option to buy new football card envelopes for 0.59 Euros per pack.
  • In addition to all this, from the Ranking option that appears in the sidebar on the left, we will have access to a ranking in which we will see our position in a list of participants worldwide and at the Spanish level.
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An application that, as I told you, my little boy loves, and it is that not every day he can open it in real life an envelope of soccer cards every four hours completely free of charge.

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