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You will not want another gift this winter, jacket with heating included?

You will not want another gift this winter, jacket with heating included?

Are you tired of being so warm that clothes take extra effort? Do you go for a walk and you die of cold but then you have everything left over? This kind of stuff is over. The most desired gift this winter is a heated jacket includedand it is not for less, when you see its price you will understand that being cold is no longer an option.

You can take this high quality jacket with you for less than €40. Interesting right?

What is a heated jacket for?

We all know that when it gets cold, sometimes not even a coat is enough. This jacket has a heater (totally safe and protected) that helps increase body heat. It has a thermal emitter both on the back and in the cervical areaachieving a different temperature inside the jacket.

The operation is very simple. Simply put on the jacket and connect a Extreme battery that is not included (at the end we also leave you a link to get an economic one). Once this is done (bring a place to store it), just press the outer button of it to put it to heat. This button has different colors depending on the mode in which we put it.

How long does the battery last?

Don’t worry about battery life, it’s really good at 10,000 mAh. 7 hours in the most powerful mode of temperature and 11 hours in the lowest consumption mode.

We already assure you that the temperature difference with one of these jackets It’s brutal, nothing to do with everything you know. Not only is it warm and beautifully designed, but it can also easily reach an optimal temperature thanks to revolutionary technology.

What size do I need?

As they are not European sizes, we leave you the size guide. We already told you that it is designed with a slim fit. If you want something very loose (although right now that is out of style), you can take a size up. Don’t worry if your size is different from what you usually wear.

I personally wear an L and my size here would be 2XL. The usual will be 2 sizes more than what you usually wear, depending on how you like to wear clothes. Don’t worry about maintenance either. You can wash it by hand (removing the external battery, obviously) and then let it dry well to put it back on. Have high quality zippersfront pockets, etc.

Where is it bought and how?

Having said that, let’s get to what really matters. Where can you get it for this price? well in the store banggood, reliable and guaranteed. You can pay with PayPal.

If you have a 10,000 mAh external battery at home, it is already useful for you. If not, you can buy one for €16 by clicking here.