You will not be able to change the straps of the LG Watch Sport because they are full of antennas

The LG Watch Sport (in the image above, the model on the right), together with the LG Watch Style, constitute the latest bet in Google design and LG manufacturing for wearable devices. The Sport model is one of the most complete Android Wear devices never released; It has LTE connectivity, GPS, NFC, a heart rate sensor, barometer, Wi-Fi and many other functions However, it lacks something that could turn out to be the most basic: its belts cannot be replaced..

Indeed, the complete (and expensive) LG Watch Sport does not offer the user the possibility that his strap can be replaced by another that he likes better and that he can find in the market at a good price. As strange as it may sound these straps are attached to the watch case through the use of a few screws. But what seems so strange, it is not in reality, since the LG Watch Sport strap has a function beyond the basic and fundamental of fastening it to the user’s wrist.

The LG Watch Sport strap is already the subject of criticism

Yesterday, finally, Google unveiled the new generation of its operating system for wearable devices, Android Wear 2.0, and its new commitment to this type of device, the LG Watch Style, with a more classic appearance and more limited functions, and the LG Watch Sport, much more complete and resistant.

The analyzes and first impressions have already begun to circulate on the network and, although most of them coincide both in the high price of both devices, and in that the Sport model is one of the most complete Android Wear devices that have ever been launched, one aspect has powerfully attracted attention: its strap is fixed to the case through screws something that, in reality, is not new, since it was already happening with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition.

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In principle, this extreme makes it difficult, although it would not make it impossible, for any user to change the straps of the LG Watch Sport at will, opting for various colors, materials, models and prices. In principle, because the truth is that If you were thinking of taking the screwdriver and changing the strap, you can forget about it.

The reason why the LG Watch Sport straps cannot be replaced is simple: inside, the strap houses all the wireless antennas for the smartwatch. LTE connectivity, GPS, Wi-Fi connection, and even Bluetooth connectivity, all depend on the antennas that are kept safely inside the watch strap.

Thus, the probability that we will see straps from third-party manufacturers (and even launched by the LG and Google companies themselves) for the LG Watch Sport, are drastically reduced. And if they do appear, surely they will not be exactly cheap.

A not very adaptable strap

It is not the only criticism that circulates around the new Google smartwatches, nor is it the only one related to their straps. Those who have already had it in their hands say that the part of the strap that is closest to the device case is quite stiff (in order, logically, that the antennas stored inside cannot be bent). This rigidity could make the LG Watch Sport somewhat uncomfortable, especially for people with wide wrists, since the strap, in this part, does not adapt to the user.

Without a doubt, as they point out from Android Police, “it is an interesting engineering decision.” According to Google, this was the only way to make everything fit together while the watch was relatively slim.

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The result of all this is that, should the LG Watch Sport strap be damaged, the repair will be considerably more expensive than with any other similar device, which would be enough to change the strap; without forgetting that wear and damage could affect the functionality of the watch itself.

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