You can now register to be the first to download all 6 Mega Man video games

Megaman has been taken out of the desk drawer by Capcom realizing that there is a trend right now for what is retro and those legendary games that return with their most characteristic characters. Mario himself will be jumping shortly on Android after doing so on iOS, although here with many criticisms from users.

We already knew days ago that Mega Man would make his triumphant return to Android, although will do it as a mere port without any major optimization to suit mobile as we might have expected. In any case, it is pleasant news that Mega Man is back and it is today when you can register from their website to be the first to receive the news that you have it available, apart from being able to benefit from an extra gift.

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Will be six titles that will land on Android and iOS. They will be launched at the beginning of January, so there will not be days when the notification arrives if you go through this link to register.

Capcom has stated that register on the web will give players some special offers, although the plan for them has not been said. The company has shared the list of titles and a brief description of them:

  • Mega man mobile: The evil Dr. Wily must be stopped in this classic action platformer, the original Mega Man!
  • Mega Man 2 Mobile: Dr. Wily returns to challenge the world again. Only Mega Man will be able to stop him.
  • Mega Man 3 Mobile– Fight with berseker robots on unexplored planets. Mega Man must set out to solve this mysterious crisis
  • Mega Man 4 Mobile: It has been a year since Mega Man fought in space. A New Enemy Appears: Dr. Cossack
  • Mega Man 5 MobileManiac robots wreak havoc in the city Is Proto Man to blame? Mega Man has to solve it
  • Mega Man 6 Mobile: The Global Robot Alliance has been formed, but this new peace order has been challenged by a new enemy: the enigmatic Mr. X
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Prices are unknown and the extra features, so we will wait for the following days after the end of the year to meet them.