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  5. You can now play the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance on your Android device

You can now play the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance on your Android device

You can now play the new Kingdom Rush Vengeance on your Android device

In case you didn’t know, Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game that has more than 18 million users around the world. We are talking about an impressive database that can outperform almost any game on the Google Play Store. In this opportunity we will tell you everything you need to know about Kingdom Rush Vengeancethe new installment of the legendary mobile title that can now be downloaded from the application market.

In Kingdom Rush Vengeance the powerful wizard Vez’nan is back, so you must go into an exciting adventure commanding his army and fulfilling his plans. This new Kingdom Rush title has everything you need to make you have a good time in front of your mobile screen.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance for Android

The main objective of the game is dominate the kingdom and defeat the three kings in each final battle. With this game you can vitiate online and without internet connection. In short, it is ideal for killing time wherever you are.

Here you will have to fight wisely to conquer new and old kingdoms, you will also have to face both the empires of powerful enemies, as well as great bosses that will test your skills. It is a humorous title to which 16 new towers have been added.

Kindom Rush Vengeance features three scenarios in which you will have to complete 16 phases. You will have at your disposal 9 heroes to choose from, towers and a large arsenal that will help you achieve victory. Throughout the game you will come across 35 different deadly enemies.

In turn, new powers and reinforcements have been added, 10 items to obtain an extra advantage in battles, 30 army upgrades and 50 hidden achievements. Without a doubt, Kingdom Rush Vengeance comes with a lot of new features that fans of the saga will enjoy.

If you like Kingdom Rush Vengeance, you can download it to your Android for a price of 4.99 euros. A title that cannot be missed by someone who enjoys playing tower defense titles.