You can now download SEGA Heroes for Android with Sonic and many more

SEGA Heroes is the new of this famous company and that it has created since 0 to follow in the footsteps of Candy Crush Saga. At least they have worked on it a bit and it puts us before an RPG in which we will use to combine a whole series of precious stones to use the abilities of each one of the heroes of our team.

Another of his greatest achievements is the bring together Sonic, Tails and a good variety of characters from a great series of games such as Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage and more. An RPG puzzle that has not yet been published in the Google Play Store, although you can get hold of the APK at the end of this post.

A SEGA game created from scratch

Apart from having Sonic and many more, the best thing is that SEGA has finally set out to release a game for mobile devices created from 0. Something to remember, as it has merely been releasing bad ports of classic arcade titles. Among them is the latest Streets of Rage 2 which, although not bad at all, could have been used in another way.

SEGA Heroes reminds us of another that puts the accent on mathematics and is a little more original than this one. Although having all those mythical SEGA characters is a more than important extra to enjoy a game that is based on everything that is KING with his Candy Crush Saga; he recently released another one with Candy Crush Friends Saga.

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SEGA Heroes is based on the mechanics of combine different gems to the Candy Crush Saga. The only thing that every time we know how to combine one, one of our heroes will use his weapon to attack the group of enemies that will be ahead of us. Depending on the color of the gem that we have used to combine, we will use one or another hero, although at some point they will all be used at the same time.

A three-in-a-row puzzle with a bit of RPG

If in those combinations of different gems we use a star, we can hit harder. Like it will go refilling the special hit bar that each of the heroes of our team has. We click on the corresponding button, and the special blow will be launched.

We also have the option to select the enemy that will receive the impacts, so that we can take away some of those enemies of greater power Of attack. And a little more to talk about the main game mechanics, since it is based on knowing how to quickly combine those gems to hit, but well, all those enemies that we will find in SEGA Heroes.

A game in which we can level up, just like unlock new companions game that we will integrate into our team. Each one has its own ability and we can improve them with points so that we are more powerful and stronger.

And much more in SEGA Heroes

SEGA Heroes has the ability to create a guild and join him to play with your friends or colleagues. Although the most fun is to unlock all the SEGA characters so that we know their true powers. And the truth is that there are quite a few, so we have a long time to live to enjoy a game that the Korean company has tried to create from scratch. Something that is appreciated when it has always behaved a little badly.

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Technically ok, though without much fanfare. There is nothing that stands out too much, although the skills will be the most frenetic moment with a series of effects very well carried out. A free game that you can try from the APK if you don’t want to wait.

SEGA Heroes comes to Android with all the intentions by this company so you can enjoy combining gems and using your team’s skills to get rid of all those enemies.

Download: SEGA Heroes APK

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