You can now download Pokémon TCG Online in Spanish

A few days ago we gave you the chance to download the APK of Pokémon TCG Online to play on your Android phone, but now this APK is no longer necessary because the game can be download directly from Google Play and in Spanish.

While we wait for the launch of Pokémon Go for Android (you already know that you can download the APK but it doesn’t work in all parts of the planet) one of those games that you’ll be able to enjoy if you love the Pokémon saga is Pokémon TCG Online (This TCG refers to Trading Card Game.)

Pokémon TCG Online now available in Spanish

In JCC you will have to collect cards and fight with them which offers us a very complete experience in this aspect. The truth is that the new installment has already come out of beta and it’s quite good, especially if you like the Pokémon universe and card games like HearthStone. Obviously the idea of ​​JCC is that the strategy and collecting engage players in a more original game.

This new title offers an experience that might sound familiar to many, but with many renewed cards and new game modes. We will find initial drops of Water, Fire or Silver and then we will be able to exploit the different strategies to win.

Nor can we forget that the title allows us train against the machine to customize our deck of cards and choose the best one, once we have mastered the machine, it will be our turn to face real users in the Pokémon TCG Online, fights that you will try to win however you can.

Pokémon TCG Online allows us to create decks of cards and fight against other players worldwide

As for the graphic quality of the title, the truth is that it shows a nice technical section for the use of 3D and very striking animations. Obviously we are going to need a powerful smartphone or tablet and also enough space to install it, but we will enjoy it a lot.

If, on the other hand, it is not available in your country and you want to download the game, you should still know that you can download the apk of the application in Spanish from here. If you like it, we would appreciate it if you indicated it in the comments, it is a title that is not so famous in Spain but that could become very fashionable in a short time (look at the fame that Clash Royale has).