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You can now download PES Mobile 2019 on your Android

You can now download PES Mobile 2019 on your Android

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of those legendary games that doesn’t even need an introduction. The new installment of this soccer simulator will brighten December for millions of people. If you wanted to start vitiating once and for all, here you can download PES Mobile 2019 for your android device.

Have you played Pro Evolution Soccer on any console? well now you can enjoy that realism on the screen of your mobile. We are talking about a title that includes different animations for more than 8,000 soccer players. As if that were not enough, Konami has improved the movement of the ball and now the matches are experienced with greater intensity.

All about the new PES Mobile 2019

In PES Mobile 2019 the personality of each player is most noticeable due to their skills, playstyles and goal celebrations. In addition, a technology called Unreal Engine 4 has been implemented that will help you enjoy the game with high level visual quality. Thanks to it, the movements of the players are much more fluid than before.

Another of the benefits of this Pro Evolution Soccer is that you can play with friends and face people from all over the planet earth. If you really like football, then you will love playing PES Mobile 2019 against your old friends to see who is the best.

New league licenses

New Legend Players

In PES 2019 you can embody legendary players like Beckham, Zico, Romario, Cruyff, Nedver, Gullit, Maldini and Kahn. Without a doubt, a great feature if you have been following football for years and wanted to play some games with the players you saw when you were a child.

The limited edition of the ‘Featured Players’ arrives at PES 2019

Players who have performed at a high level in the weekend’s matches will be available as Featured Players. Their stats will improve based on their performances in real-life matches, some even gaining new abilities.

In a few words, PES 2019 is a title that cannot be missing from a soccer fan’s mobile. Even if you are one of those who prefers FIFA, you should try this amazing game from Konami. Were you looking for something different? Then you can install any of these football games for Android.