Yakuza 6: Song of Life – “After Hours Premium Edition” presentation presentation

Every Yakuza fan, the first collector’s edition in the series in the West, was waiting for this moment

When in 2014 at a Sony conference it was announced that “Yakuza 5” will go to Europe almost 3 years after its premiere in Japan, fans were shocked. Of course, my humble person was also included in this group, and at that time I did not realize that this was a sign of the rebirth of the series in the West. After the fifth installment, players also received “Yakuze 0” and a remake of the first part with the subtitle “Kiwami”. On April 17, 2018, “Yakuza 6: Song of Life” hit the shelves, which is the culmination of the adventures of the main character, Kiryu Kazuma. It is also the first installment of the series to receive a collector’s edition in the West. Of course, as a fan of the whole series, I couldn’t miss such an opportunity and I got the mentioned edition. Did it meet my expectations? About this in the following lines of my personal impressions with the issue in question.

“Yakuza 6: Song of Life” hit store shelves on April 17 this year. Players were given the choice between releasing “Essence of Art Edition” or “After Hours Premium Edition”. Today we will focus on the more expensive one, which was valued at PLN 369 before the premiere. Now the prices oscillate around PLN 399. The edition includes:

  • box with the game “Yakuza 6: Song of Life”,
  • 2 glasses with the main character’s dragon motif,

  • 2 coasters for the aforementioned glasses,

  • 2 cooling cubes

  • 64-page artbook,

  • collector’s packaging.

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You can immediately notice two eye-catching things, namely the inspiration of the designers of the edition by the number two and the fact that in the era of adding collector’s figures to the edition, Sega has opted for something that can easily be called a kitchen cabinet design. But jokes aside for a moment. The edition itself presents a very good price-quality ratio. The glasses are made of thick glass and the pattern feels solid. Of course, I recommend washing by hand and not in the dishwasher in order to minimize the loss of the pattern. The glass coasters can also be faulted, and thanks to the patterns known to every fan of the universe, they look even better. The cooling cubes are made of a material that fulfills its basic function, which is to keep the temperature low, which can be useful for the summer.

I left the artbook for the end. With a clear conscience, I can say that it is great. A large format that allows you to enjoy the pictures from the game and beautifully crafted graphics by fans. The number of pages is also not a disappointment, as each of the 64 has been filled with content that will be a real treat for fans. One caveat to the issue in question is the lack of a steelbook, which hurts even more when looking at Sega’s policy towards releasing remakes. However, apart from that, it is nice that the game was released in a standard box, which cannot be said about the “Essence of Art” edition. where apparently we will not find a classic game packaging.

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This is how the example pages from the artbook look like:

All in all, as a fan, I am very pleased with the release of “After Hours”. The accessories that we get in the edition maintain a high level of workmanship, where the artbook and glasses (which I was the most skeptical about) stand out the most. If, like me, you are a fan of Kiryu Kazuma’s adventures, this is a must-have item that should stand next to other installments of this amazing series.

As a small bonus, two photos of the “Essence of Art Edition” version (so associations with some movie editions are very appropriate)