Xiaomi’s Yi 4K action camera is your bet to compete against the GoPro

The GoPro has achieved great success because it opens up a great new world for us to feel almost the same sensations as a surfer who is thrown by a wave of many meters on the beaches of Waimea or those who prefer the snowboard to launch down the mountain to demonstrate their adventures and risky ways of living life to the fullest. A charge of adrenaline that we can feel those of us who from our smartphone or computer play the videos that are then uploaded to YouTube.

The GoPro has several manufacturers that have launched their products to compete directly and thus make it more difficult. One that we all know well is Xiaomi and it already has its YI 4K action camera in its repertoire of disparate gadgets. It is not the first of the Chinese brand, but the renewed version of the Yi Action that costs just over €50. With this said, you can already assume that the price of the 4K version rises considerably and can be an important purchase option if one does not want to go through the larger version of the GoPro.

The cheapest option in the 4K sector

If we put the Yi Action and the Yi 4K, the differences are evident in many respects, but it is in the price where it moves away with €300 for the last one. If we compare this price to the alternatives that we have from other manufacturers, it really is the cheapest, so it can be a real purchase option if we stick to the fact that Xiaomi knows how to produce well-designed products that usually have a good impact.

Yi 4K allows you to record videos in 4K resolution and mounts a Sony IMX377 sensor 12.35 megapixels; it is capable of recording at a resolution of 4K and 30 frames per second; It has an option for HD 1080P at 120 FPS to obtain that effect that is so striking for many, such as slow motion; and it can reach 240 frames per second with 720p resolution, for super slow recording.

Other of its characteristics is that has Wi-Fi connection dual-band, it has a plastic chassis that makes it a lighter device, a 640 x 480 screen with Gorilla Glass and a 1,400 mAh battery.

Xiaomi for all

If Xiaomi launches a device of this type, it is that it knows that can choose to cajole users to give them access to a 4K action camera that has some interesting features for the 300 euros it costs.

It arrives almost silently and although it raises the price of this edition to separate itself greatly from the Yi Action, for those looking for a 4K camera it is to look at it carefully. The previous Yi Action camera was capable of record at 1080p and 60 FPS, apart from being a smaller camera and with the option of being able to submerge it up to 40 meters deep.

A Yi 4K that will try Going Hard on the GoPro Hero4 Black that records at 4K and 30 FPS, but costs €530. A fairly large difference for two action cameras that offer the same characteristics and that for those looking to save a few euros, they will not even have to think about choosing one.

Technical characteristics of Xiaomi Yi 4K

  • 12.35 megapixel Sony IMX377 sensor
  • 7-lens optics f/2.8 aperture
  • 4K and 30FPS recording; 1080p and 120FPS; 720p and 240fps
  • Rear screen with resolution 640 x 480 pixels, Gorilla Glass and 330 PPI
  • 1,400mAh battery
  • Dual band Wi-Fi connection

A good action camera that has the risk of having to import it as it happens with all the products of this Chinese manufacturer. In any case, we are talking about a manufacturer that has a very good reputation and that each of the products that it launches on the market are a success, as was its Xiaomi Mi Band, and as will be its Mi Band 2.