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Xiaomi’s new Mi TV 4A has voice control!

Xiaomi’s new Mi TV 4A has voice control!

Xiaomi has products to give and take. From mobiles to other strangest gadgets, even going through several televisions. Now the family of Xiaomi televisions has a new member: the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A with voice controlthe new version of your most economical TV.

And it is that if the launch of the Xiaomi Mi TV in Spain was already good news, the arrival of a new economic model on the market is even better. A high quality television at a knockdown price and with a very striking feature. Because, what can be better than controlling the TV with our voice?

New Xiaomi Mi TV 4A, now with voice control

The Mi TV 4A family is not new. In fact, it has been with us for quite a few months, with models from 32 to 50 inches. The most characteristic of these models is their price, and that is that we can buy the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A for less than 400 euros in its most expensive model.

A 4K Smart TV for less than 400 euros, what madness! If we like it, we can get one My TV 4A 32, 43, 49, 55 or 65 inches. Do you miss any size? Now we can also choose from 40 inches and with voice control.

And this is the highlight of the new model that Xiaomi has launched: we can control it by voice. This is possible thanks to in the remote control we have a microphone that will listen to what we say, as well as a specific key to activate this mode.

In all other respects, it shares specifications with the other models in this family. The 40″ Mi TV 4A has Full HD resolution, dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and 6-watt speakers with Dolby Surround. The screen supports contents HDR10 and HLG, it is able to play smoothly files in H.265 4K at 60 fps and practically everything you want. At the moment it will come in Chinese, although if it arrives in Spain it will be duly translated.

Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended television, both for features and price. And it is that the new Xiaomi Mi TV 4A with voice control we can find it for less than 270 dollars in china, which can be left in less than 350 euros To the change.

What do you think of this new Xiaomi television? Would you get her if she came to Spain?