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Xiaomi puts its new (and strange) head massager on sale

Xiaomi puts its new (and strange) head massager on sale

Xiaomi and its mania for bringing out products of all kinds. The other day it was a dog and cat drinker and today’s product is not for your pets (or maybe it is, who knows). We are talking about a new head massager that the Xiaomi brand has released today.

From this article you will not only be able to know all its characteristics but, if it convinces you, you will also have a purchase link… What more could you want?

Xiaomi adds a head massager to its ecosystem

If you are up to date, you will know that what the brand does is include your ecosystem Mi products that you develop with other brands. The one of this massager is called Tianjin Jiu’an Medical Electronics Co, the one we have known all our lives. Its characteristics are not bad at all and if you are looking for one of these, this is one of the best options:

On paper it doesn’t look bad at all and its price is quite consistent. cost a few 25 euros to change although if you want it you will have to import it. In the end you will end up paying some 40-45 euros which is not a bad price either. It is not that we know much about the prices of the competition, but Xiaomi is a symbol of quality at a good price.

A good option to complement it could be the Xiaomi personal heater. At this rate we will see more brand products at home than in any store. Above you have the link to buy this head massager at the best price.

What do you think? Do you plan to buy it or do you think you don’t need to massage your head every day? Leave us your opinion in the comments section.