Xiaomi Camera App Beginners Guide

For many the camera application of Xiaomi it is not the best app in its style due to its stylish interface iOS not very friendly. But despite its little receptivity, it has very good functions that we will study in this beginners guide.

Basic functions of the Xiaomi camera app

When you run the application, a series of icons in order to use the camera. At the bottom is a white button. This button is used to capture, that is, take the photo. The red button like in any camera app means sleep mode. record a video. Finally, the button on the left if we have the mobile vertically, will take us to the previously taken photos.

Above these buttons are three more icons. From left to right, the first one takes you to a filter menu to apply them before taking the photo. In the middle is the button options and finally, the icon allows you alternate quickly between the front camera or main camera.

Lastly they are two buttons at the top of the screen. On the left we find the icon of flash, if it appears crossed out, it indicates that it is not active. The upper right corner has the HDR button (High Dynamic Range). This function allows us to take photos in scenes where there are both very bright and dark places, without losing any detail.

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Xiaomi camera app options menu

Touching the menu «options» a list of all modes will appear. Xiaomi camera.

If the mobile is a mid-range or economic one with a single camera, they will usually be shown. 9 modes:

  • Panorama: ideal for taking landscape photos.
  • Timer: to indicate a time to wait before taking the photo.
  • Audio: this mode is for taking a picture with your voice instead of your finger – any sound will work.
  • Manual: use this mode to adjust white balance and ISO before taking a photo. If your smartphone is high-end you will have some additional variables.
  • Straighten: It serves as a guide to see well the angle at which the photo is being taken.
  • Beautify: applies a user-defined level of “beauty” enhancement to your shots (low, medium, or high), usually taking the form of skin softening.
  • HHT: excellent for taking pictures in low light.
  • Scene: It has a wide variety of scenes to choose from, approximately a dozen, which you can choose before taking the photo, and each scene offers small adjustments of the camera.
  • Tilt shift: this mode offers a tilt-shift effect when you take a photo, blurring all but a predefined area to simulate a miniature scene.

The telephones Xiaomi dual camera more expensive or high-end You can also bring:

  • AI mode: artificial intelligence, your camera will automatically adjust various settings based on the scene.
  • portrait mode: this mode produces a shot with a lovely effect bokehblurring the background but keeping the subject in perfect focus.

What other settings does the Xiaomi camera app have?

Tap the settings icon at the top right of the options menu to see other functions. Here are several useful options. save photo locationa timestamp option that displays the time and date of the photo, enable or disable camera sounds, and more. We also see options for saturation, sharpness and contrast.

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All the video options that the Xiaomi camera app has

When switching to video recording mode, most of the options will change to suit the new requirement. Features are drastically reduced. If you are using a Redmi 5, you will only see an option of time lapse or slow motion.

If you press the gear icon, different settings. Here we can modify the video quality. The higher the video quality that we place, the more storage space it will consume. We can also activate the configuration of slow motionhowever in some mobiles it only appears if we have the mode HD and not in mode full HD.

Some useful tips to handle the Xiaomi camera app like a professional

When taking photos, the camera app Xiaomi has an alternate form of adjust exposure. Just touch to focus, then hold the resulting icon with the arrows pointing up and down. From there, drag the icon up for higher exposure and down for lower exposure.

If you have a mobile Xiaomi With fingerprint scanner, you can also take a photo just by touching the scanner. It is very useful when we are going to take a selfie and the capture icon is out of reach.

You can take photos while recording a video with the camera Xiaomi. Simply when you are recording, press the icon capture which has moved to the right side. It will not have the best resolution nor the previous functions to improve it, but it can be very useful. Of course this option appears only if enabled in settings.

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