Xbox’s response to the announcement of the PlayStation Classic

A few days ago, Sony we were surprised everyone with him announcement of the new PlayStation Classic. This is one shortened version of the original PlayStation which will include a series of classic video games. Given this announcement and the good reception from Sony’s followers, it seems that the time to respond from Microsoft and Xbox.

Xbox boasts catalog before the announcement of the PlayStation Classic

Sony announced the launch of the PlayStation Classic just three days ago surprising the most nostalgic fans. With this, PlayStation joins Nintendo when launching “minis” versions of old consoles. Something that by the way seems to be working quite well. The PlayStation Classic will bring inside a total of 20 classic games that according to the Japanese company defined a generation of gamers. To some fans 20 games will seem like a reasonable number. Others will know little given the large number of games that were for the original PlayStation.

And to put a little morbid to this matter is Xbox. Microsoft’s platform and PlayStation’s main competitor, has taken its entire arsenal out for a walk. We say this because Xbox UK account posted a tweet after the announcement of the PlayStation Classic in which boast of the wide catalog of backward compatible games that have.

More than 500 Xbox Classic and Xbox 360 games available to play right now “totally free” on Xbox One. We can interpret this tweet as a reply to the recent Sony announcement. And if there is a feature that is having a lot of success and support from Xbox fans, that is backward compatibility.

It is worth mentioning that although there they say that it is totally free, they refer to the backward compatibility function per se. Therefore, it will be necessary to buy the game that we want to enjoy either Xbox Classic or Xbox 360 to be able to enjoy it on our Xbox One.

Many fans they have criticized that this has been a tweet published with the sole purpose of shading the announcement of PlayStation Classic. Others they say it’s just about A coincidence and how just is one more promotional tweet of one of its many services. We are left with the doubt, but the competition between both platforms is more than known all over the world.

And you, do you think this is a response from Xbox and Microsoft? What do you think about the PlayStation Classic and Xbox’s extensive catalog of backward compatible games? We read you in the comments!