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With this app you won’t have to watch TV commercials anymore

With this app you won’t have to watch TV commercials anymore

Who is not tired of seeing ads in the boba box? TV has been with us for years but there are more and more advertisements due to their low profitability.

This means that, to a greater or lesser extent, TV channels have to broadcast advertisements between their shows, movies and prime time but… what would you say if you never had to watch them again?

Zapping was born to avoid ads

the zapping, change chain, was born to avoid watching ads, the problem is that, if we change when the ads come on, the most normal thing is that we miss part of our favorite program unless our TV has the famous PiP. This function allows us to leave a channel in the background.

Unfortunately the PiP is difficult to see on most TVs and the app ZappUp He comes to save us from this. What can this application do for Android and iOS mobiles? Notify you when ads end. Do you want to see how?

Zapp Up makes you never have to watch ads again

Zapp Up is an application for your mobile that, at the moment, is compatible with the TDT channels of Spain. Zapp Up shows you the list of channels with their programming and, next to it, as you can see in the screenshot, it allows you to see if they are broadcasting ads or not.

Best of all, it not only allows you to see if a specific channel is in the programming or broadcasting commercials, but you can schedule alerts for the application to notify you when the advertising ends.

Zapp Up is simple but very useful

And that is the summary of this app. With Zapp Up you can see in real time which channels are in ads, which ones are not and to notify you if a specific channel is no longer in ads.

This way you won’t have to see the ads while you zap and you will not miss a part of your favorite program or movie because the application will take care of notifying you of it.

If you are tired of classic TV, you can always get a cheap TV Box to watch content on demand through applications such as Netflix, HBO, etc.